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Promised Land//Movie Reviews

Promised Land//Matt Damon, John Krasinski
drama. january 4th. 2013 synopsis: A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.
first. i can't say enough about how much i love the roles matt damon plays in second. i am all too glad that krasinski is becoming a great on-screen actor third. flippin' hal holbrook!
i don't consider myself an environmentalist, but i do try to take pride in the land that we do have. i don't like hearing stories about farming towns, or sea towns, or industrial towns getting wiped out by massive corporations over sheer greed. i don't like that as Americans we struggle with over consumption, and yet we have many natural resources in our backyards that we don't use because we'd rather outsource to other countries for those "goods" anyhow, my rant is officially over. i have to keep it to a few sentences, otherwis…

No Blogger Today//Macklemore

\Conscious Rap/ If you've heard of this term, then no need to read it. If you haven't, it is basically rap that talks about substantial topics. Mixed with a few pop culture references, but mainly a political genre of rap/hip hop.
Mos Def (also a fantastic actor)
Common (actor and writer)
Pharrell (literally does everything)
Talib Kweli (pioneers of conscious rap/hip hop)
Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore
Lupe Fiasco (has spoken/taught a class at colleges)

Tupac (had a lot to say, and died too soon)

--to name a few, are considered conscious rappers. While I don't agree with everything they rap about, and some of their more selective language, people are finding themselves drawn to this style of rap. They see it more as poetry of rap and not violence of rap.
To be honest, I'm not much of a rap fan. I think I can stand a good beat, and a great rhyme, but to listen to it constantly... it's not really my taste of music. I think I lean more towards R&B/hip hop. Probably moreso …


First things first: You know those commercials that pop up on your Youtbe that you are ready skip over? Saw one that I didn't want to skip. Lacoste has a new marketing commercial to create a more modified tennis shirt made for the people, by the people. The actual commercial is under Lacoste's website listed as "Polo of the Future." One. It's brilliant advertisement in my opinion. Two. Sold on the music alone! Three. Just gotta love how classic Lacoste has always been.
Here below is a video that a fan made, with a compilation of old films and tied it in with the band that was singing in the actual Lacoste commercial. The band is called The Bumblebeez and the song is called Next To You. Trust me, if you try looking this same name up on Spotify, you're probably gonna get some weird tuneage. So, I will say that this song just fits the videos.

Two Month Interim {Monday Ramble}

I was asked by a friend the other day what my plans were during this two month wait period before I leave for Italy, and the funny thing is, I was thinking about that a lot. What am I doing to prepare myself besides raising money?
I have found myself in situations of talking about this trip with a boldness. Any fear I may have had about talking to people about my mission trip has been cleared away in order for me to express the meaning of this trip through any preconceived ideas. I have been wanting to distance myself from a lot of little outlets that I have found myself consumed with through the days and I am inching closer to being more proactive.
What this means is that in the next 2 months, I have really got to take into consideration that my life is about to drastically change. My life hasn't gone through too many major changes since moving to Orlando for school. Now all it take is 3 months in another country to completely alter my entire life as an amazing experience to gai…

The Piano Guys//Friday Covers// Peponi (Paradise) Coldplay

{pep.on.i}\pe-po-ne\ n. 1. a Swahili word meaning Paradise 2. an African spin on Coldplay's Paradise 3. ENJOY
even if this isn't your thing, branch out with your music tastes. sometimes, you never know how much you like something until you give it a go. take that with a grain of salt since i am not referring you going out  and doing drugs because you have never experienced what it's like. let's just keep this thing pg rated. :)

Success At An Early Age// Random Ramblings

I was watching a clip from Barbara Walter's 'Most Influential People of 2012' segment and  I saw Ben Affleck is one of those people. I have a great deal of respect for him, despite his weird and unbecoming stint of  being J-Lo's arms candy. I think that was about the time she was no longer "Jenny from the Block," but J-Lo.
Unfortunately for celebrities and their personal life things are documented like crazy. And it didn't help that they did a music video together and a movie. We'll leave that bad boy to rest.
Anyways, I will tell you why I picked Mr. Affleck and why I think he's an inspirational guy. At 26, he and his best friend, Matt Damon wrote a screenplay by the name of Good Will Hunting. And he won an Oscar. At 26, I was working a job that wasn't really geared to my field of study & now only being in 5 months into my 27th year, I am making my way to understanding what it is that I am supposed to be doing and what I love doing. Ben Affleck …

Flashes of Style//Bloggers I Like

Flashes of Style I can tell you that a good website/blog of pictures and good facts will make anyone want to go out and do exactly what is being written about. Ie: picking apples and dressing cute looking like you're from your own dreams. I think I first came upon the blog through a random photographer that I liked, and then found her on Facebook and voila! Her categories range from Fashion, My Adventures, Beauty, My Style. So basically all the things that run through my mind on a regular basis.
Blogs like this are good for ideas and inspirations. Creativity is a beautiful thing that fuels you in areas that you never knew existed until you try it out. So take a seat, make yourself a cuppa, and either blog away and read away.

Atlas Genius//Tunesday

I am truly a sucker for film photography and amazing cinematography. I like every little detail shot that is portrayed in this video. Kind of like getting a birdseye view of those moments in your life that blip so fast that all you can remember are some of the smallest details that most people would have looked past.

Aside from the little girl opening her eye, and her eyeball having a delayed reaction being weird, everything else was good. :)

Enjoy the trojans in your head...


My dream telling me to go, was as clear as day. And if you know me, which I'm assuming most of the people reading this do not, but soon will; I have a lot of dreams, and a lot of them very definitive dreams. That is a communication with God that I will try to never take for granted and learn as much as possible to really see His heart with clarity, the way He see's us.

So here I am, a month later from making the declaration of going on a mission trip to Italy. The scary thing I never thought to think about was the fact that people would question the validity of the trip. In my mind I did just the same. Which is why I tossed and turned about my passion for travel mixed with missions. God doesn't take the joy out of the things you love, He just happens to weave them into the things that need to get done for the kingdom. *Epiphany Moment!*

I have already started on my support letters, sending them out via Facebook as that is sometimes the quickest means to people because it a…

Will Go

I hadn't been completely disconnected from the world since leaving the craziness of it, but I randomly checked on Facebook here and there and up came a status that tweaked my interest.

This is what I read from a friends wall: "God must have something special planned for Spring 2013!! One of our ESL teachers just dropped out late in the process. We're of FAITH that there's another lady out there who wants to share an apt in Chiavari, Italy for 3 months starting the 2nd week of February, enjoying the opportunity to have lots of pizza and pasta and gelato so as to build relationships to reach Italians for Christ with the benefit of the Italian culture and traveling Europe!! Let us know!!"

 Since I went on my first mission trip when I was 15, I had always had an interest of going on more short term mission trips. School and work never warranted for that type of accessibility and also, I think you know exactly when doors get closed. Maybe not in those moments, but you…

I Will Go

I hit that road and didn't look back. I told friends that I just needed prayer. I didn't need them checking up on me. I didn't want them asking how I was doing if I didn't even know how I was doing. I just needed the space.

I was gone from the bustle of my own life from the end of September to the beginning of November, and really didn't know when I'd be back to Orlando and I was okay with that.

One of my first or second weekends in town, I caught up with a friend of mine (that is essentially my little sister), and went to the beach. We drove down to a remote spot in our towns' infamous beach. Shorts on, sun hats, sun was out and warm but not overpowering, pulled out the music, and books and looked over the glassy flat ocean.

I was looking in the face of rest, and it welcomed me.

God's peaceful creation calming my very existence and telling me to rest. God has a way of speaking quietly and softly, and when it's quiet you never want to miss it. It…

Places I Will Go

I submitted as well as I could and called my parents. I hadn't even talked to them in weeks because I didn't even know where to begin in how I felt in the first place. I was mentally exhausted and physically exhausted from the lack of sleep.

My dad called and I talked up a mean game for as long as I could, and it didn't last long before I broke down in tears sobbing about how exhausted I was. I seriously didn't know how good it felt to just cry. I got the other side of the phone asking me to come home and take a break. I had wound up years of frustration and exhaustion and keeping it together, and trying not to let anyone down, build up to the high heavens that I stopped taking care of me. Really and truly taking care of me. It was hard to recognize that. Much like liking a guy who is NO good for you and staying with him despite what everyone else around you notices of the guy that you still do not. Except my disregard of saying no, had finally caught up with me, and I…

The Places I Will Go

This is the second installment of where I've been in my life in the last 4 months. Agonizing, sleepless months. If you are not filled in on the disclaimers, they are a one time deal. You can use your own discernment for future reads by moi! I said that in my head like Miss Piggy. I didn't care for her much despite the reference.
I just happened to like the confidence she had in her rotund little face. It's relatable.

Back to the ground work.

After putting in a years worth of working on projects with people so closely and making some good friends, I considered SSW one of the favorite places I've worked. Second in my job at Apple Market when I was 18-20.
I had no send off. No acknowledgment from Oz that I had really put in the work to make his life a little easier.

****Disclaimer. *Spoiler. *Side note. I absolutely hate the lyrics of "Here Comes Santa Clause", because 'he don't care if you're rich or poor, because we're all God's children…

Oh The Places I Will Go

I am not sure if I've had the time to talk about the places I have had to deal with and go to in the last few months. This will HAVE to be in parts! I can't bare to give you my whole life of the last 4 months in great detail. That is just forcing you to become to adhered to my brain, and that I just can not do.

*Disclaimer for the reader: If you should feel this becomes too emotional, you can turn back right now! DOn't you dare look at another word I type. DOn't do it! Seriously, what are you still doing here? Turn around right now. :)*

*Disclaimer for the skim reader: If you don't like reading, go to the magazine portion of this article for a
good read. (Hand to mouth whisper- there isn't really a magazine portion.)*

Lonely months. Months of tears, lack of sleeping, frustration, and down right arguments with God. Yea , those happen outside of the Old and New Testament still. 'cept He hasn't asked me to sacrifice the tangible child I've been praying…

Hello Kiddos!

It's good to be back. After almost a full month of not giving you any thoughts inside my head, I have finally established a normal sleeping regimin... Who am I kidding?! I went to bed like all night owls do, but left the field mice for the real night owls.

I have got to get a better sleeping habit on the roll. Butter it up, and eat while warm.

It's a necessity that my life depends on.

As I type everything I write, I'm constantly thinking of editor friends that may stumble across this and redline everything in their head. And as I type this, I am literally giving you my minds thoughts verbatim. I don't think it appreciates it. Brains aren't gender specific unless you're on Ninja Turtles I'm assuming... Trailing rabbit...

Anywho, this morning I was supposed to have gone to a fitness class that I had been wanting to go to, but of course I woke up late. I'd like to say I woke up late because I didn't hear my alarm, or because I was feeling sick. In actu…

Validity in Perfection/Imperfection

If you're consumed with seeking your validity through people in what you can do, how are they to know who you really are if you won't let them see.

If that doesn't make sense, let me put it this way.

I've got a friend who is a sweet person, they are pretty much accepted by most people they come in contact with. Part of that reason is because they often show excitement in everything everyone says. Excitement in everything someone does.  In what someone wears, listens to. Eats. Cooks. Everything.

There is nothing wrong with the excitement in something new, but there is also a difference between accepting all things even if you're not interested just to fit in. Losing a little of who you are, to like everything else everyone else has.

As a friend who has seen the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the insecure, the secure, the positives, the negatives of this person, now all that is being presented to everyone else is the good, the happy, the secure, the positives, th…

Julia Trotti {Bloggers/Photographers I Like}

Probably can't get enough of her Facebook page. Her Instagrams, her blog, Tumblr, anything!
She is super sweet too! I will tell you how sweet when you ask how sweet......
Ok, unresponsive crowd. She gives free curves on her website. For you Photoshop geeks, that is a took you can use to change the setting of your images. It's a great editing tool when you know what you're doing. Even if you don't, she gives you instructions of how to do so. She calls them "Free Curve Friday's". Peruse her site and see some you like and try em out.
Seeeee, she is sweet.
How many photographers that get put in print magazines do you know that give away their tricks and tips?
Hardly any. You usually have to pay for it. While you do have to pay for some of her actions, you aren't paying much for quality editing tools for you aspiring photographers. I have something to tell you. Most of the actions are $9.99. I say that's a sweet deal. 
So do yourself a huge ol' gr…

Telling Tales {Random Ramblings}

Have you ever saved emails, texts, notes, letters from people?
Not just any person... Messages from guys you've liked (for girls). Or messages from girls (for guys)?
You maybe keep them because you want to re-read something that was so good you don't want to believe it to be over.
Maybe something that is so good, you want to be reminded of what you HAVE.
Something so good, you never want to forget what you HAD.
Perhaps, something that built up to being something great, but because of fear, it never transpired.

This is my story...
Met a guy. His name shall be Craig.
Met Craig when I was being a free woman. Free in mind, and in life. Just knowing that I felt really good with myself and not having to be with anyone.
I say this as a precursor to how comfortable I was the night I met him. I was myself, didn't have a care in the world.

Craig and I hit it off. We chatted about work, about family, goals, etc. I noticed his attention wasn't pointed towards most of…

This Girl Is on a Mission

Well my fine and loyal readers... (crickets are cricketing indoors).  If you haven't already heard, I am going to be overseas!
That's right! Overseas to foreign lands. Whisked away on an exotic adventure. Having the wind rushing through my hair, riding a moped along the coast... Speaking the second language of love. Should be the first in my opinion.
Okay, but seriously though. I will be on an endeavor to Chiavari, Liguria, Italy next February 2013. It's for a 3 month missions trip to teach English as a second language and witness the love of God, while building a strong and meaningful relationship.
I am beyond excited to get to be apart of this experience. I have prayed off and on about  going on a short term missions trip. I think I am better suited for them. I don't get nearly as overwhelmed with them. I feel like more is being accomplished by staying  around for longer than a week or two, but it's not so long that I'm emotionally drained to the point of ex…

Tori Kelly & Angie Girl //Thinkin Bout You// Frank Ocean Cover

OH GOSH! seriously, I really dig the version of this song much better than Frank Ocean. Is that bad?

I know this year's VMA's was his first go, but these two sounded exponentially better than he did. They don't have back up. Just each other. I will let you be the judge of that.

Alright I looked every where for Frank Ocean's live version on MTV, but all I have is audio, but that's all you really need to have to judge it adequately.

I'd advise everyone to listen to whichever they feel like first, but I seriously can't even get all the way through the original version of this song because it does not sound great. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I'll give him the 1st time thing of nerves, but he performs in front of live audiences a lot more than the VMA's. And he was seated the whole show behind some grass, on a rock.

P!nk //Glitter in the Air// Friday Covers

This isn't a cover, I know.  But if you haven't ever seen P!nk's 2010 Grammy performance of "Glitter in the Air", you will want to see this.  It's beautiful and makes you wonder why she doesn't go back to singing this way on more of her albums.  And note... the fabric aerials.  That's gutsy. And she still had the energy and pipes to sing that song flawlessly.

Special Treat // Friday Covers

Along with the compositions of pictures that I think I was posting on Friday's, I want to try to upload some of the best covers I have found. So that's also mainly for me to put up more music because I love music.
This cover is Jessie J singing Rhianna's "We Found Love". Might I add, it's a lot better than the original. Don't hate. Just listen.
Now go find you some love and live on.

Sincerely, Kinsey // Bloggers I Like

I dunno about you guys, but I have this weird thing in my brain where I see blogs and photography, and my brain doesn't stop searching everything on the pages.  I will literally keep on clicking link after link, and before I know it, I've reached the end of the road. I have a feeling that has come upon me once again with the likes of Sincerely, Kinsey.
o1. the name is almost the cutest, invites you to keep looking o2. i also have a thing for photography pages that have extra packages. you know the ones that have added blogs, diy crafts, homemade recipes... keeps you lookin' fuh daysss o3. i was smitten by the first image i saw of engagement session by the colors alone o4. i'm easily influenced by great photography that i just want to get behind my camera and shoot everything i see that peeks my interest o5. when i see they have a pinterest/instagram account, you better believe i'm following
this couple mastered cuteness.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look. Go check ou…

Willy Moon // Tunesday

You have probably heard this song on the Apple commercial. If not... where on Earth have you been?! No worries. I'll fix that for you.

He's derived from England. Of course, why wouldn't a voice like this be from yonder... Seriously, most of the musicians I like are from Europe. It's just turned out that way and I'm okay with that. Being born in Spain makes me realize I'm just Euro-blooded and there is nothing I would want to change about that.
So, what you've been waiting for; Willy Moon and the likes. His voice... I'm digging it. Not to mention that I'm a sucker for a great girl drummer that backs up male vocalists. Because then I think about how they probably beat out many dudes and were just THAT. DANG. GOOD.


Hand Holding {Monday}

one day he’s gonna grab my hand and i will feel that surge of energy proclaiming to me why this was all worth the wait is this what was meant when they all say you’ll see sparks? i’m sure it’s not. i’m certain that was intended for those who lock lips to feel the electric surge of unanimity but me… no
i’ll know what my electric charge is from years of waiting. years of tears. years of fears. years of knowing someone loves me back and once our fingers are interlocked, that makes that charge locked in igniting the very fibers of my soul that connect me to God Himself patience… yes, dear. he says. one hand cupped to my face patience paid itself off to you

captivated Heart {Random Ramblings}

captivated Heart
it’s funny people’s definitions of love.  when i think of love, i think of simplicity. it is one of the most universal things, yet has become one of the most intricate forms of expressions for people to mix up their head and heart. they mix up their wants and needs of love. they want people to complete them, but they need them to love them as well. you’ve (cliche time) got to love yourself first. and even when you’re with someone, they aren’t going to complete you. people want to see grand gestures of affections or gifts for them to see that someone loves them. that is a loose statement. i’m not assuming everyone to be this way. little things.  sitting at the edge of a dock, swinging your feet over the ocean. having your hair move around your face like a storm and his one small gesture of moving the hair off your face and behind your ear is how i see deep admiration and respect. you have time to love people. stop rushing into everything. anyways, that’s what i got fr…

Mixed Greens {Monday}

in this moment, i will barely understand how much of a legacy God is mixing for me i see my life a lot like this jar, packed full of things to create an even more amazing thing but in that jar, i can’t see the whole picture. i see myself at the very bottom i feel mixed up at times. i feel vibrant other times. but in general, pretty mixed up once i’m combined with all of these different life lessons, i will still never be complete i will be in a continual learning lesson but one day… one day i’ll see how beautiful it was to be so mixed up to be on the bottom because then in time, i’ll see how much i appreciated the work it took to be perfectly blended by having those mixed up and questionable moments in my life

Red Nails {Random Ramblings}

red nails
i used to hate nail polish! i mean hate it primarily because my dad didn’t want my mom putting nail polish on my sister or me when we were babies. he wanted us to be little girls and all that jazz. i appreciated that gesture of his, because now i can’t stand seeing the little girls on toddlers and tiara’s being exploited as mini adult dolls. it’s freaky really. anyways, because i disliked nail polish and was a dedicated tomboy for a good portion of my preteens and part of high school, i knew i’d never be in any nail color aside from clear. anytime i went to dances in high school, i’d end up peeling it off by the end of the night. later in my 20s, i enjoyed my first mani-pedi and i wanted to steer clear of colour, but you spend the money and walk out with clear nails, you might as well do your own mani-pedi.  so i went daring. i went bold… i got a nice neutral pale pink colour. haha. don’t laugh. i was branching out. i felt any colour would draw attention to me. and that i di…