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Photo Musings {Friday}

pure Americana                    i have had words with my sister more times than not about my personal style                            the thing that most assuredly defines part of who i am. who we are             i have always wanted to maintain the simple and classic style of the european culture  everything that describes what europe is and can be, is easily found with a parisian woman’s drag on            a skinny cigarette.
                         the colors of the sky made into a reverent pallet on an italian’s scarf                            the stirred dusty caramel concoction of a german man’s loafer’s

                              i can’t help but be constantly inspired by rustic beauty. rustic nature                    and because of that, my head can not turn away from what america has offered me                                                     dreams of paint splattered mountains

                                             moss covered grounds of forest playgroun…

Hope {Random Ramblings}

hope... believing in the things unseen. my heart is currently in a vestibule of patience. I think my brain is now in competition with the heart in how to take action. Sometimes the heart can be a lot more patient than we give it credit for.

*Wit + Delight {Bloggers I Like}

i like visual aids, and i love journaling. this blog/tumblr combines the two things that i enjoy. when i say i could look at something ALL DAY, this is one of those sites. tons of pictures and photographs that i really want to be able to try and do, or something that i can see as an idea of doing. simplicity is key. i am learning that about myself. i value the importance of how simplicity pays off. therefor a lot of the sites i post are things that inspire me as an artist.  and hopefully give other people options to look at on the internet. we can live in a bubble if we choose to. our own world of design and creativity can be a bubble. *wit + delight has endless amounts of pictures from others and it's like a search in itself to try to find where those images really came from. that's the best hunt to me.
to make matters better, they also have a blog + a pinterest. GET OUTTA TOWN!! right? you will possibly drool over the blog. endless amounts of other sites to follow. also chec…

Tunesday: {SaturdaySun}

watchlistentell i have yet to be disappointed by any of the artists on this channel. only makes me more excited that they are all acoustic sessions. tells you a bit about the level of musicians that they  support and promote.  this is SaturdaySunday performing Seagull. do enjoy and have fun looking about for some more artist.

Dream On {Monday}

Dream………. For as long as I can remember, maybe since I was little and seeing mopeds and motorcycles speed about Italy, I always was enamored by them.  Not something a mother wants to hear her daughter talk about I’m sure, but I didn’t ride my first motorcycle until I was about to move to Orlando for college. A friend of mine had one, I found out and asked for a ride. Of course it was slightly raining that day so I was a little scared, but everything was under control. {DISCLAIMER: Not the safest thing to admit}I think he got up to about 120 on the interstate. Some time I saw a documentary with Ewan McGregor called “Long Way Down”, he traveled to 18 different countries on motorcycle with his friend. I later then saw the movie “Benjamin Button”……… Need I say more about that motorcycle? With all that being said, I hope to one day travel the U.S. first on motorcycle.

Photo Musings {Composition}

let's face the facts, black and white photography is the most effective type of photography there is. that may be a loose statement, but it's my loose statement. i think it's some of the most poignant photography  and thought provoking. you tend to see every beautiful flaw of the photo. every freckle, every line in the iris. there is so much beautiful depth to these images. i can just stare at them all the time because i feel like i will always find something new about the image. anyways, this is friday picture day. enjoy.

Random Ramblings {Thursday}

I have felt close to being in a downward spiral of emotions.

What's that look like you ask?

It looks a lot like what I imagine depression to be. Not wanting to fall asleep for fear your thoughts will get the better of your sanity. What's left of it anyways. You have in your mind most days to create normalcy, a list of things to do, to get out of the house, to be active. And yet you're faced with the undeniable frustration of doing nothing because your willpower has managed to be defeated by the weight of your body.

I have gone so far as to peaking my interest in things by looking through the internet, by watching different tv shows. I get a quick burst of confirmation that my life is okay, that it's not out of control, and just in a minute or two, those moments of esteem slip away. And just like that, that moment of faded light that I started to see dissipates and I'm left covering my depleted body on the couch fighting back tears and heavy eyelids. The daytime has…

Bloggers I Like {Wednesdays}

apart from them being jean aficionados, this nashville based company is
as intricately designed in their story telling, as they are in telling the importance of the role that their 8 grandparents played in their lives. one thing i learned in reading their story is that it's okay to be good at many things. even if you aren't good in multiple things, it's okay to want to try to be good in those things. it does not hurt to want to try. it does not hurt to fail and succeed. what hurts is in not trying or letting failure hurt you in preventing you from trying at all.
imogene + willie
owners: matt + carrie you can read their delightful story. a store to make you drool.
also, breeze on by their blog and pinterest page. i'm sure you will find wonders of
other beautiful denim/clothing curators. ;)

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 6}

Recap on Day 6

Time wanted to fall asleep: 12am

Time I actually fell asleep: 4am

Time I woke up: 2pm

Activities included: cleaning and organizing kitchen
TV Shows Watched: mtv vma's, style network
For how long?: all day

Internet Activities: played bejeweled on my phone
For how long?: 30 minutes. somehow it helps me get to sleep better

The last 2 days I have felt more rested even though I wasn't getting to bed until about 4am and so on

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 5}

Recap on Day 5

Time wanted to fall asleep: 10pm

Time I actually fell asleep: 4am

Activities included: cleaning up my room
TV Shows Watched: recorded hgtv shows
For how long?: intermittently watched as i cleaned room

Internet Activities: checking emails
For how long?: few hours

Bloggers I Like {Wednesdays}

A website dedicated to the things that inspire a young woman with a good head on her shoulders, an overactive imagination and a constant question on her mind: what kind of woman is she?

That Kind of Woman
This is actually a Tumblr account, but a well done one at that. I love that they incorporate their own personal life photos in that as well as other Tumblr's. It's hard to shuffle through tumblr and find things that you like or that have more meaning than just reblogging, but it's always nice to find something that's got more substance, not to mention their layout is a little bit of a different set up then some other ones that I've seen.
Also, If you're interested in writing, Warby Parker is putting on some type of writing contest via The Standard about an Ode to Summer. So if you'd like to write your own ode to Summer in a short story inspired by Dog Days of Summer, it has to be 1,000 words and I'm sure more rules, but I'll get some more info for y…

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 3}

Recap on Day 3: Didn't fall asleep until 3:30am/4am

Time wanted to fall asleep: 10pm

Time I actually fell asleep:

Activities included: cleaning the house, cleaning and overhauling my room
TV Shows Watched: switched at birth, julie & julia, house bunny
For how long?:

Internet Activities:
For how long?:

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 4}

Recap on Day 4:

Time wanted to fall asleep: 10pm

Time I actually fell asleep: 9:30am

Activities included: reading, watching tv
TV Shows Watched: whatever was on my dvr
For how long?: too long

Internet Activities: probably blogging
For how long?: all day

Tunesday {Tuesdays}

Normally I find music that I really like, that sort of pulls at your heart strings and is slightly emo in a folk kind of way. Which I have to really be into my folk and be okay with calling myself slight emo if I compared the two, but let's be real here. You know it. I know it. You know it. We know it.

Today I bring Gangham Style. It's already exploded in the youtube hemisphere and I only heard about it from my sister posting it on my wall. I would say that it is an awful video that only takes a certain love for silliness to really appreciate it, therefor I have had a fascination with Koreans for several years now and even got into some really great Korean drama series tv shows. I can see how eventually, the world will catch on and see Korea as an amiable place to travel in the near future.

                                                      Trust. You won't be disappointed.

It's alright if you find yourself in your room doing the cowboy trod. Don't look around, …

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 2}

Recap on Day 2: I was exhausted trying to stay up, but my sister kept me busy to stay awake until I wanted to fall asleep

Time wanted to fall asleep: 7pm

Time I actually fell asleep: 1st time was at 9:30am, 2nd time was at 7pm

Activities included: making breakfast at 8:45, going to the thrift store, going to a hair store, going to target(s), helping my sister with her hair
TV Shows Watched: hgtv, diy, bravo, abc
For how long?: about 3pm-7pm

Internet Activities: new blogs
For how long?: a few hours

Defeating Nocturnality {Day 1}

Time I woke up:  I woke up at 2pm in on Friday and stayed up til 7pm on Saturday

Time wanted to fall asleep: 7pm or 8pm on September 1st

Time I actually fell asleep: 9am-12pm then my sister kept me awake with a list of activities and officially fell asleep at 7pm

Activities included: baking scones at 3am, watching MTV Hills re-runs, yoga stretches, coming up with my nocturnal schedule/edits on the computer, looking at other blogs, making breakfast at 9:15am
TV Shows Watched: marathon show MTV Hills, VH1 Classic 80s videos
For how long?: 8 hours

Internet Activities: blogs and pinterest
For how long?: 8 hours

And there you have day 1.

30 Days of Change: Defeating Nocturnailty

30 days is just a small start.

30 days to change my ways of thinking. 
30 days to change my activeness/inactiveness. 
30 days to explore my own backyard.
30 days to read more.
30 days to cook more.
30 days of eating better.
30 days of straight up commitment. 
30 days of re-educating myself.
30 days of reinventing the new me.
How can one do that in 30 days you ask? One can't, but it's a nice start to something that seems a little daunting at times when turned into a year's worth of resolutions.
For starters, my sleeping habits in the last 3 weeks has looked like this: Week 1 {This means 7 days straight I was stuck like this.} 1. wake up at 2pm or 3pm because I couldn't get to sleep until 5am, 6am, or 7am some days. 2. be less than productive by sitting on the couch all day wishing I could just force myself out of the weird depressive state I'm in 3. pin on pinterest/youtube for hours while watching tv.  4. make food. probably pasta of some sort. sit back on couch ge…