30 Days of Change: Defeating Nocturnailty

30 days is just a small start.

30 days to change my ways of thinking. 

30 days to change my activeness/inactiveness. 

30 days to explore my own backyard.

30 days to read more.

30 days to cook more.

30 days of eating better.

30 days of straight up commitment. 

30 days of re-educating myself.

30 days of reinventing the new me.

How can one do that in 30 days you ask? One can't, but it's a nice start to something that seems a little daunting at times when turned into a year's worth of resolutions.

For starters, my sleeping habits in the last 3 weeks has looked like this:
Week 1 {This means 7 days straight I was stuck like this.}
1. wake up at 2pm or 3pm because I couldn't get to sleep until 5am, 6am, or 7am some days.
2. be less than productive by sitting on the couch all day wishing I could just force myself out of the weird depressive state I'm in
3. pin on pinterest/youtube for hours while watching tv. 
4. make food. probably pasta of some sort. sit back on couch get on computer.
5. look at that, every tv show has come and gone, and here it is 3am, and I'm still on the computer, oh I'll go to bed at 4. 4:30 comes, and I move my time to 5. 5 turns into 6am, and I finally relinquish my rights as a droid and go to bed at 6:30am, but not before playing 8 levels of bejeweled on my phone.

So now, as I write this in embarrassing admittance, I am forcing myself to stay up until later on tonight because I want to be so exhausted that I'll have to go to bed at 7pm. And with that, I will retrain my body to sleep, and get up at a more reasonable time because I hate sleeping the day away.

September 1, 2012 
Defeating Nocturnality in 30 Days

Follow tomorrow to see how my experiment worked and if I zonked out earlier than 7pm.



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