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Validity in Perfection/Imperfection

If you're consumed with seeking your validity through people in what you can do, how are they to know who you really are if you won't let them see.

If that doesn't make sense, let me put it this way.

I've got a friend who is a sweet person, they are pretty much accepted by most people they come in contact with. Part of that reason is because they often show excitement in everything everyone says. Excitement in everything someone does.  In what someone wears, listens to. Eats. Cooks. Everything.

There is nothing wrong with the excitement in something new, but there is also a difference between accepting all things even if you're not interested just to fit in. Losing a little of who you are, to like everything else everyone else has.

As a friend who has seen the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the insecure, the secure, the positives, the negatives of this person, now all that is being presented to everyone else is the good, the happy, the secure, the positives, th…

Julia Trotti {Bloggers/Photographers I Like}

Probably can't get enough of her Facebook page. Her Instagrams, her blog, Tumblr, anything!
She is super sweet too! I will tell you how sweet when you ask how sweet......
Ok, unresponsive crowd. She gives free curves on her website. For you Photoshop geeks, that is a took you can use to change the setting of your images. It's a great editing tool when you know what you're doing. Even if you don't, she gives you instructions of how to do so. She calls them "Free Curve Friday's". Peruse her site and see some you like and try em out.
Seeeee, she is sweet.
How many photographers that get put in print magazines do you know that give away their tricks and tips?
Hardly any. You usually have to pay for it. While you do have to pay for some of her actions, you aren't paying much for quality editing tools for you aspiring photographers. I have something to tell you. Most of the actions are $9.99. I say that's a sweet deal. 
So do yourself a huge ol' gr…

Telling Tales {Random Ramblings}

Have you ever saved emails, texts, notes, letters from people?
Not just any person... Messages from guys you've liked (for girls). Or messages from girls (for guys)?
You maybe keep them because you want to re-read something that was so good you don't want to believe it to be over.
Maybe something that is so good, you want to be reminded of what you HAVE.
Something so good, you never want to forget what you HAD.
Perhaps, something that built up to being something great, but because of fear, it never transpired.

This is my story...
Met a guy. His name shall be Craig.
Met Craig when I was being a free woman. Free in mind, and in life. Just knowing that I felt really good with myself and not having to be with anyone.
I say this as a precursor to how comfortable I was the night I met him. I was myself, didn't have a care in the world.

Craig and I hit it off. We chatted about work, about family, goals, etc. I noticed his attention wasn't pointed towards most of…

This Girl Is on a Mission

Well my fine and loyal readers... (crickets are cricketing indoors).  If you haven't already heard, I am going to be overseas!
That's right! Overseas to foreign lands. Whisked away on an exotic adventure. Having the wind rushing through my hair, riding a moped along the coast... Speaking the second language of love. Should be the first in my opinion.
Okay, but seriously though. I will be on an endeavor to Chiavari, Liguria, Italy next February 2013. It's for a 3 month missions trip to teach English as a second language and witness the love of God, while building a strong and meaningful relationship.
I am beyond excited to get to be apart of this experience. I have prayed off and on about  going on a short term missions trip. I think I am better suited for them. I don't get nearly as overwhelmed with them. I feel like more is being accomplished by staying  around for longer than a week or two, but it's not so long that I'm emotionally drained to the point of ex…

Tori Kelly & Angie Girl //Thinkin Bout You// Frank Ocean Cover

OH GOSH! seriously, I really dig the version of this song much better than Frank Ocean. Is that bad?

I know this year's VMA's was his first go, but these two sounded exponentially better than he did. They don't have back up. Just each other. I will let you be the judge of that.

Alright I looked every where for Frank Ocean's live version on MTV, but all I have is audio, but that's all you really need to have to judge it adequately.

I'd advise everyone to listen to whichever they feel like first, but I seriously can't even get all the way through the original version of this song because it does not sound great. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I'll give him the 1st time thing of nerves, but he performs in front of live audiences a lot more than the VMA's. And he was seated the whole show behind some grass, on a rock.

P!nk //Glitter in the Air// Friday Covers

This isn't a cover, I know.  But if you haven't ever seen P!nk's 2010 Grammy performance of "Glitter in the Air", you will want to see this.  It's beautiful and makes you wonder why she doesn't go back to singing this way on more of her albums.  And note... the fabric aerials.  That's gutsy. And she still had the energy and pipes to sing that song flawlessly.