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something borrowed: spoiler, i'll be discussing most of the movie that involves the ending

i finally watched the movie. i waited to see it in the dollar theater, its not like it has anything so graphically stimulating that i needed to see it in an $8 movie theater. nope, 75 cents will have to do.
i didn't know what i was in for, except that it was a chick flick. i had prepared myself for what was to come. i knew heard from a friend that it was good and not typical and i immediately liked the sound of that. i went with my semi-emotional girl friend who has a boyfriend, but she just gets teary eyed on many sentimental things. first of all i was excited to see it for john krasinski alone. he's my shared husband in my head. i have stepped down from calling him my full time husband because he belongs to emily blunt, whom i adore, she's just as fierce at acting and comedically funny as he is.
so anyways, ethan (played by husband) the best guy friend. most of us girls have one. one we grew up with, or met in college and hit it off with and have kept everything at an …