something borrowed: spoiler, i'll be discussing most of the movie that involves the ending

i finally watched the movie. i waited to see it in the dollar theater, its not like it has anything so graphically stimulating that i needed to see it in an $8 movie theater. nope, 75 cents will have to do.
i didn't know what i was in for, except that it was a chick flick. i had prepared myself for what was to come. i knew heard from a friend that it was good and not typical and i immediately liked the sound of that. i went with my semi-emotional girl friend who has a boyfriend, but she just gets teary eyed on many sentimental things.
first of all i was excited to see it for john krasinski alone. he's my shared husband in my head. i have stepped down from calling him my full time husband because he belongs to emily blunt, whom i adore, she's just as fierce at acting and comedically funny as he is.

so anyways, ethan (played by husband) the best guy friend. most of us girls have one. one we grew up with, or met in college and hit it off with and have kept everything at an understood friendship level because there was no need to question what has worked just as friends.

rachel in this case is me. (please bare with me, i am detailed when it comes to relating to movies and my life). she gives up the fight for the things she really wants for other people to be happy. i think we all do it to a degree, unless we really just know what we want and go after it regardless of seeing if someone else wants the same thing. this is what people refer to as self-centeredness. don't be offended, call it what you want; competitive, driven, etc. there is a tiny bit of selfishness in not wanting someone else to succeed above you.

that's where darcy comes in. rachel's best friend. a little eccentric and mainly about herself but seems to have a heart somewhere down in her, somewhere........ still not sure where it was.

dex is the dreamboat guy that you may or may not see in your life. by that i mean, you are always this type of guys friend, but never really make it past that and they adore you as such a friend. its an annoying position to get yourself into when you know you have great things about you that they should see.

like most of these stories, they start off with a semi geeky/normal heroine who likes a dashing prince charming. she has her closest friends who are also her confidants. in this case, rachel, leading heroine was friends with all of the three, even the guy she passed up on.
from the start you begin shaking your head at her mishaps and passed opportunities. this guy was clearly into her from the get go, but because her friend darcy appeared to have more to offer, she handed the game over right then and there.

cut to the actions of dex, he was clearly interested in rachel, but wanted her to say she was interested in him. fyi: why do we make things more complicated then we ought to? you have a good time with someone, just put it out there. sometimes clarity needs to be stated so neither party is getting strung along.
rachel hands game to darcy. darcy then becomes engaged to dex and rachel must be the best friend who is supportive in her friends life. ethan is the friend with the conscience that you need in your life. to tell you when you're being stupid, but to tell you that you are wonderful.
in my opinion, i might be biased, i would be all for ethan. he looked out for rachel's best interest. while dex was dreamy and swoon worthy, he still was not being honest with himself, darcy, or rachel. if rachel is the one he loved, he shouldn't have put himself in the situation of dragging darcy along for the sake of it being the "right" thing.
i found my head shaking often through the scenes of complete uncomfortability knowing that they were crossing the lines as friends and fiance'. why? why must you cross that line? if you want this person, even while you're with someone else, be honest to the one you're with. scratch that, be honest to yourself.

i didn't cry in this movie. i cried during one line. i can't repeat it verbatim, because my mind hardly works that way, but it was so unscripted in the delivery that i felt my gut chime in and yelp "that's exactly how i'd want a guy to take a leap for me". i know there is a guy for me like that. i'm sure there are multiple guys like that, but i haven't met one yet. i want to be their first choice, i don't want to be their interim, or their uncertainty. being friends with a guy first and then hearing the admittance from his mouth that i have been it for him. even if he states he tried finding himself in the process or recognizing he wanted things that weren't meant for him, i still want to know that i was the one he came for.

of course that's what i want, and that's just a movie. or is it? God is the ultimate romantic. he's been writing love stories before i existed and continues to write them. i just haven't gotten to my chapter where the guy has made it in the story yet.


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