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Single and Dating

I can't believe I didn't document this, but then again, I figured I wanted to keep it a little close to me.This single and waiting girl had her first proper date after only being in a new city for a few weeks. It easily could have been a practical joke since it fell on/around April Fool's Day, somehow the joke was not on me this time around. The boy shall remain nameless, but shall be adequately described as appropriately and as accurately as possible. We found ourselves connected through social media which I have cringed at for many a years, and not for lack of trying, but for lack of adequate matches. In this case, we were matched, he asked a lot of questions that didn't seem obtrusive or weird, and I wasn't left wanting to cut all ties with social networking and their matchmaking schemes. He was rather direct, and within a week of us talking back and forth, he stated we seemed to be getting along well and preceded to ask me out on a day date. Ideal situation leavin…