Single and Dating

I can't believe I didn't document this, but then again, I figured I wanted to keep it a little close to me.
This single and waiting girl had her first proper date after only being in a new city for a few weeks. It easily could have been a practical joke since it fell on/around April Fool's Day, somehow the joke was not on me this time around.
The boy shall remain nameless, but shall be adequately described as appropriately and as accurately as possible. We found ourselves connected through social media which I have cringed at for many a years, and not for lack of trying, but for lack of adequate matches. In this case, we were matched, he asked a lot of questions that didn't seem obtrusive or weird, and I wasn't left wanting to cut all ties with social networking and their matchmaking schemes.
He was rather direct, and within a week of us talking back and forth, he stated we seemed to be getting along well and preceded to ask me out on a day date.
Ideal situation leaving the moment to not be super awkward or full expectations, he picked a cool spot called Ground Kontrol, a two-story old school arcade bar. We chatted, played Ninja Turtles, Sopranos pinball, and I nervously and horridly failed my way thru Dance Dance Revolution. If there was one thing I could prove to him during this date, it would have been my poorly moderate organized dance moves. Thankfully he has a sense of humor; because he laughed at my expense and I was okay with that.
The rest of the afternoon was spent taking a walk around the city and talking about any and everything. We parted ways after saying goodbyes and me challenging him to a competitive eating contest. Did I not mention that part? I admittedly said I enjoyed food so much that I could easily become a competitive eater. And did I not mention that I say and do things on dates that I do with girl friends, that could potentially end any and all second chances of a second date? Well let me just tell you, I ended up having a second date because he must've really dug my awesome dance moves.
In this story, I think the thing I found most interesting about who I was; was exactly who I would want to be all the time. Confident, silly, expressive, inquisitive, smart, sassy, and just know who I am. I also found that as much as I always said "when I date someone, I'm..."; I have been exactly what I said I would be. I am low maintenance, compliant but with ideas if asked. I have a place or places in mind when asked where I want to go, , I am probably too opinionated, but don't shy away from talking about the things that matter to me, and I appreciate the art of listening. 
Even if this goes no where, I'm taking it one day at a time and enjoying the fact that the years of waiting, even for a date, have paid off in a more laid back approach to all of this new and exciting stuff.


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