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October Escapes Me

My apologies as October has gotten away from me.
My days have been cluttered with attending many birthday get togethers, welcome home parties, goodbye's parties, and work. The month of November will look drastically different for me. It will look like a NO-vember. Saying no to a lot of different things because I need to and I don't have to feel obligated to be everywhere and go everywhere.

I also will be sharing November with the Movember. If you are not aware of the many men who are walking around growing out Mario and Luigi style mustaches all through the months of September and October, it was just a weird transitional look for most of them. Encourage them to keep growing it after November is finished. ;) November for men is what October is for women. November is Testicular Cancer Awareness research and education and October is Breast Cancer awareness and research month. Why they only make them a month long thing when it should be a daily consideration, I don't know. Bu…

Rom Com Theories Part Tres// Silver Linings Playbook

Rom Com Theories Part Deux// The Backup Plan

Hmmm where were we? Oh yea, picking apart some movies. I think this weeks was "The Backup Plan". For starters, the only good thing about that movie was seeing Alex O' Loughlin and the adorable wheelchair bound French Terrier rolling across our hearts... Yea, that was a minor plug of some sort.
Cut me a break, I have to try to do something for this movie besides telling you not to see it.

------{subliminal message: do not see this movie, it's horrible. but there are still some sweet parts, just not enough to watch an hour and a half long movie about planning your life without someone in it}-----

Here we have an impatient 30 something who used to work for the corporate world, decided that she didn't want that lifestyle and after purchasing a dog that had some puppy issues, she decided she would dedicate her life to helping dogs like her beloved Nuts and open a pet store.
Insert unruly and over-opinionated sister Mona, whom Zoe gets advice from about love, children,…

Hearing the Whole Story

I've been helping out (when I can) with a small group that is held every Wednesday called Alpha Course. It's basically an open forum to talk to groups of people who are interested in learning more about God, and walking in faith, and just understanding what a relationship with God looks like.
Anyways, the table I sit at is full of the helpers of the course. We are the ones who help clean up and prepare the tables for the students coming for lessons, and we kind of sit back and discuss the same things, but we are typically more laid back and we have discussions that probably stray a bit more than the guided tables.

Well there is a couple at my table, they've been married for 3 years and seeing them together, they seem like they might have had at least 10 years under their belt. You know the couples you meet that are so in tune with one another that they could speak for the other, but have enough restraint to not do so. Well this couple was telling us how they initially met …

Theories of the Rom-Com Part 1

"I just want to be someone's first choice."

"You're someones first choice.
What? You never wondered about me?
I don't know how to say this, Rachel I like you. I've always liked you. When another guy came in the picture I just liked you more.
I guess you are home for me.
Wow! That sounded crazy. It's probably not love, it's probably just crazy.
My love isn't the overwhelming kind.

I don't know, maybe it's just that I miss you.
But I think you fell in love with someone else, and I think you still are."

A line from "Something Borrowed" and a well written line at that of Ethan, professing his underwhelming love towards his best friend Rachel. He said it perfectly as to where he acknowledged his own personal feelings and motives of it possibly just being crazy-talk over love.

These are lines that submerge themselves in our subconscious of the things we think we want to hear. The things that trigger our brains into falling in…

My Fancies

There are countless things in the single life that I love and I call them my fancies. Actually I dubbed that as of a few moments ago. But we'll pretend as if I had that as my copyright.

I appreciate the fact that right now in my life I can pick up and go anywhere. With the exception of work responsibilities, and financial responsibilities, I can practically go where I want to.

Although I'm sure that if even in a few years I'm married, I will always like the fact that I can re-watch any of my favorite movies over and over and never get sick of it. Ie: Pride and Prejudice (A&E version, let's keep it straight!) Anne of Green Gables (on VHS), Heavyweights, Mighty Ducks (all of them), Home Alone (all of them) and a slew of other kid friendly movies and always feel like a part of my childhood will always be in those time capsules of movies I grew up on.

On many occasions, I have chosen to go to movies on my own, eat by myself, and walk around malls by myself. Nothing giv…

Serendipitous Eyes

And all along those times I thought I was looking, I had no idea I was really even looking for anything. All the time I thought I had been looking for my ideal, I was waiting in a forward motion.
All around me seemed to move forward and I seemed to be in a labyrinth. Moving in every direction but not the same as everyone else.

I had seen many kind eyes bestowed upon me, and heard many a flattering word, but those will not get you far. It's almost as if those sweet words belittled all that my heart was capable of receiving in truth.

This though, this look, it seemed different than all the others. Those words, more mellifluous sounding and not casting doubt. These were words of sincerity that came from a much deeper place. Those were his words for me and no one else. I ardently and deeply connected I had felt in a short amount of time.

He seemed to have looked at me differently. His eyes smiling in a way that left me puzzled. How could he look at me in a way that seemed I was the on…

Scintillated Love

Oh how my stomach twirls in knots.
Excitement expressed across the apples of my cheeks.
A glow that reveals pure joy.

God, oh God, please take care of my heart for this one.
Sustain me when I need to wait.
Slow down my eagerness to want to rush into things.
Let this process be one that we both grow from.

Make me in this time, search for You.
Let me be content in you.
Let my worries become my prayers.
Let my doubt sink, and my feet rise above the waters.

Calmly I seek you, and prepare my heart for this.
For this amazing ride that is about to start.
Let his actions be clear and his motives be pure.

Let him step exactly where he needs to.
Be intentional in his words.
Prayerful in his actions.

Align our paths, our feet and the direction.

Endeavours of a Single Lady

When a single lady is single, she is practicing for many things and this is just a funny little scenario of some of those things.

She will undoubtedly try to learn how to cook better. Being a box kid does constitute as being a cooker of some sort, but you will be demolished in the battlefields of Julia Childs kitchen. Learn new recipes, that's what Pinterest is for. Have cooking and baking parties with friends, and challenge yourself in new things.

Note: Learn how to prepare chicken well, learn how to appropriately read instructions for boiling pasta/rice, and practice steaming vegetables. You run less of a risk ruining your veggies by steaming them over grilling them in a pan or oven. Trust me... imperative to your "impress the guy stage". Learn basics and you'll be fine. Once you master those with great ease, then you can maybe stick to a simple boxed cake recipe.

She will try to manage her finances, yet still finds herself spending chunks of her paycheck on new clot…