October Escapes Me

My apologies as October has gotten away from me.
My days have been cluttered with attending many birthday get togethers, welcome home parties, goodbye's parties, and work. The month of November will look drastically different for me. It will look like a NO-vember. Saying no to a lot of different things because I need to and I don't have to feel obligated to be everywhere and go everywhere.

I also will be sharing November with the Movember. If you are not aware of the many men who are walking around growing out Mario and Luigi style mustaches all through the months of September and October, it was just a weird transitional look for most of them. Encourage them to keep growing it after November is finished. ;) November for men is what October is for women. November is Testicular Cancer Awareness research and education and October is Breast Cancer awareness and research month. Why they only make them a month long thing when it should be a daily consideration, I don't know. But it's a good cause.

Back to the other bits and bobs. I have still been working to figure out what things I need to get rid of in my room and what I need to keep. My room is half way done but also not to my liking. It's full of design styles that I'm not keen on and would like to add a coat of paint to, or just something I'm ready to get rid of. Half done projects mixed with half done laundry sends my mind into a tizzy. I just want it to all be cleaned, minimal-ized, and simplified.

My sister's huge production, Uncovered is happening and I couldn't be more proud of her. She has hit a lot of obstacles, a lot of opposition and challenges, but she has worked through it with a lot of grace and character. If you don't know what grace looks like, you'll see my sisters' name in the dictionary. This project is her brain child, and a well thought out brain child at that. She has been her own assistant, director, conceptual artist, and sometimes her own videographer. I will be glad when everyone gets to see what she's put her sweat and tears in, but I will also be glad when she can get away from the amount of stress this has caused. I also hope that she gets people that will see this vision the same way she has seen it, and also that would be interested in committing some of their time to seeing a project like this be present next year!

I could say a lot more of what my disappointments are, but I'm going to refrain from all of that. No sense in giving it attention. It already did it's job in getting enough attention of frustrations.

If anyone reading this would like more information on this project, you can go and check out the website. http://orlandouncvrd.com/


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