Scintillated Love

Oh how my stomach twirls in knots.
Excitement expressed across the apples of my cheeks.
A glow that reveals pure joy.

God, oh God, please take care of my heart for this one.
Sustain me when I need to wait.
Slow down my eagerness to want to rush into things.
Let this process be one that we both grow from.

Make me in this time, search for You.
Let me be content in you.
Let my worries become my prayers.
Let my doubt sink, and my feet rise above the waters.

Calmly I seek you, and prepare my heart for this.
For this amazing ride that is about to start.
Let his actions be clear and his motives be pure.

Let him step exactly where he needs to.
Be intentional in his words.
Prayerful in his actions.

Align our paths, our feet and the direction.


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