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Photo Musings {Fridays}

My heart pangs a little while listening to these words.
                                      "I belong with you you belong with me you're my sweet heart"
                                                             The Lumineers. Ho Hey

Bloggers I Like {Wednesday}

Here we go... Bluebird Blog

This blog is what inspires me to love life, love my kids (when I have them), and love the company of good friends and food. This mother and father of 3 (with one more bun in the oven on the way) are super adorable. Firstly, I see them and I'm thinking to myself, how are they so dang young looking and they've got these children that could be their kid sibling?!?! Anyways, they've got a daughter named Birdie with the cutest little blonde curls, chubby baby legs, and a cherubic face. The older kids, could possibly be the models for the adorable Ralph Lauren ads. Anyway, enough of me gabbing about the adorability of this family.

Her blog essentially represents the bohemian lifestyle that I absolutely adore. It's simple living. At least that's what I see. Her features are pleasant and quaint, from maternity style, to her and her kids engaging in lunch time, as well as them taking care of their little chickadees. Seriously, they've got lit…


A man. A guitar. A beautiful soulful voice.

                                                              Penguin Prison. Golden Train.
                                                                       You can't deny it.
                             Sure these Brits come up with the weirdest names as solo artist or group artist,
                                              but none of that matters when you hear those pipes.
                                                                          Carry on Brits.
                                                                               Carry on.

Inspired Travels {Motorcycling Road trips} Mondays

Inspired by Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor's tv series documentary called Long Way Round. They both rode these sweet BMW touring bikes and had their bikes packed up and ready to travel 19 countries across Europe. Takes backpacking to a whole other level.
Some countries required heavy identification. Some of their ride musings resulted in accidents along the way, doctors visits, and blistering and broken bodies.

I watched it and immediately wanted to do the same.
                                                                        the bike

BMW R1150GS Manufactured by BMW between 1999 and 2005. The other bike if this isn't in the cards... Honda 350 Part of my reasoning for liking this build and type of bike is the smaller body frame. I don't like massive motorcycles. A friend of mine has a sweet 70s Honda Motorcycle, red, and it suits her because she's really petite. Her and her dad are fixing up another Honda and planning on selling it. I would like to purchase it. …

Photo Musings {Fridays}

His looks... Understatement
                                                             But, take a listen to those pipes.
                               I find her images to be really simple and detailed at the same time.
                    I like that she documents everything from her daughters' chubby little baby legs,
                             to her kids jumping off of furniture and playing with baby chickens.
                 It's all really sweet, and quaint and makes me want to take more casual pictures daily.

                                                           Plus her name is James.
                                      Can't get any cuter with her beautiful growing family.
Bleubird Blog.

                                          Enjoy you lot. And take a peeksie at James' page.

"You Can Do Better" {Random Ramblings} Thursdays

A phrase I've heard often. "You can do better." Implying that the guy I'm interested in that is not showing me any interest is below the needs of what I want.

You can do better than who he is.
You can do better than his lack of {fill in the blank}.
You can do better than him in the looks department.
You can do better than him in the work department.
You can do way better than him in who you can get.

I think I've always cringed at that statement. Flinched even. Now, I bow my head in embarrassment, not wanting to be that person who thinks she's above any person, let alone a really great guy.

Do better in what way? My standards are already up the ladder, rescuing a poor grandma and her pooch Copperton. What my standards aren't getting me is that immediate gratification of being in a relationship with any guy. ANY guy. Not the "bad" ones, not the "good" ones, not the saints, not the golden boys, the bad boys, the artists, the brainiacs... …

Bloggers I like {Wednesdays}

Andrew and Cariss Gallo. Parents. Kinfolk. Photographer. Baker. Chef. Videographer. Musician.



 {Couple in Love}

You can read more about their love, lovely story of their daughter, and what they went through to get the blessing that is now their daughter. I was so inspired after reading their dedication of adoption. (A not so easy task for many people) but I believe has to be worth it so much when you have that child in your arms.

You can look at more of their collaborative work with Kinfolk. One of my now favorite book/magazines thanks to my friend Austin for introducing me to it. Although I think he secretly wanted me to notice that he writes for them. He and his wife are kinda brilliant people too. I'll talk about them in another entry. You can get the book from Anthropology. If you don't have one where you live, check the stockist page on Kinfolk to see where you can pick u…

Tunesday {Records}

Been on the search for a great record player for about 5 years now. My parents have one, but obvy I haven't taken that from their house. So I've looked at several regular go-to, quick frill brands without the responsibility of major up-keep.


Okay who am I kidding... this is like the one brand of record players I have looked at consistently and just haven't ever saved up to buy it. But it's looking like I can grab one for a nice price of $114 at Walmart. Also a Crosley brand. I am not a Walmart snob. You get what you pay, the warranty is usually sure fire at Wally World and it's not some outlandish fee.

On to the great stuff: The vinyl's I'd want to get my hands on.

Mumford & Sons: Can only imagine how crisp the sound would be on Roll Away Your Stone & Cave

John Coltrane... Need I say any more?

Fleetwood Mac. 70s alt rock in the greatest sense. Music to my ears, always.

 The Black Keys. Taking cues from some great soulful singers The Animal…

Inspired Travels...{Savannah, GA} Mondays

So here it is, a post based on places I am visiting, would like to visit, or have visited. With the hope that I can at least look back at these posts and be inspired that I can still do these things no matter what my age. I loved the movie "The Bucket List", it makes me want to keep going and doing no matter how small.

With that being said, Savannah. I'm coming at this whole experience from the angle of a Gilmore Girl. Character Sookie, Jackson, Rory, Paris, Luke, Jess, Dean, Lane, Babbett, Patty, Emily, Richard, Logan.... You know how it goes.

I would like to take a couple little strolls to some local parts of the area. This vintage clothing shop that is probably a little like Plato's Closet but a little better in selections of clothing, called The Clothing Warehouse.

           I like tea, and since I can't be in England to have an appropriate teatime, this place seems pretty interesting. I'm sure if Emily Gilmore wasn't completely stuck up, she'd g…

Photo Musings {Fridays}

Blues Music you say?
                                                                You want to hear some?
                                                Ignore homeboy's mouth when he hits the notes.
                                           You gotta look ugly sometimes to get those notes out.
                                                              Kill it Kid. Burst its Banks.

                                                  Here's someone I started following on instagram:
Ashley Thalman
                                                         She's got a ton of pics to look through,
                                         but I didn't feel like getting lo res images on a google search.

A Trend That Should Cease... {Observing Wallflower}

Getting back into watching different tv shows on account of getting cable. I dislike hearing g--d--n, and  a-----e, and b---h, and s---. These are words that are now infiltrating regular basic channels like TNT, USA, NBC, and even Bravo.
I do not understand why or how those words are acceptable for not be bleeped or whatever these shows do. AHEM... not saying them.
Now with Bravo, most of the shows on that station are Reality tv shows. I can't stand that this stuff is slipping into tv shows.
Now, I was steam rolled when I first was watching a show called Harry's Law, really great show, but NBC, a network that plays the likes of The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and some moderately rated family shows. Granted they aren't straying away from some foul-mouthed scenarios, but they also aren't blurting out profanities that are normally heard on HBO, or Showtime.

I was following up on a show called Burn Notice. Pretty great show, but noticed some of the language has been changi…


Is it sad to say I want to be this girl right now? No, not knock-kneed walking, or long brunette-haired girl... Just dancing in the forest with a disco ball, sparklers, and a band singing a song about me.

                                                         Done. Ghost Beach. Empty Streets

Photo Musings {Fridays}

It's that time again. Friday pictures and music.
                                                         Take a gander at this lovely lady.
                                         I'll be so glad when she makes a dang album I can buy!
                                                           God bless her little raspy soul.
                         She's adorable all around and this video showcases her cute innocence in the lyrics.
                                                                     Lucy Rose. Scar.

                                                               Photographer Inspiration:
                                                                 Mr. Alec Vanderboom
                                                          Minor story goes with this one.
                         Met him this year through a mutual friend who was trying to see if we'd hit it off.


his voice is too eerie to pass up
                                            eerie in a good way. not emily dickinson eerie
                                                  and definitely not edgar allen poe eerie
                                                   maybe hitchcock's rear window eerie...
                                                                        maps & atlases
                                                                         solid ground

Photo Musings

Photo Musings and inspirations should always be paired with a fine music compilation.
                                                        So here we go. Pic-chuh Fridays.

                                                               Little Comets. Mathilda.
                                                      Feisty little boys wouldn't you agree?
                                                         I quite like this saucy little beat.

                                                                  All photos provided by:
  James Fitzgerald III

                                                        Please enjoy the lovely pictures.
                                   Be sure to give credit to JF3 if you should repost his images.
                    Us photographers aren't stingy people, but don't steal our work and not give cred.
                                            If you're interested in more of his shots, check out