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Andrew and Cariss Gallo. Parents. Kinfolk. Photographer. Baker. Chef. Videographer. Musician.



                                                               {Couple in Love}

You can read more about their love, lovely story of their daughter, and what they went through to get the blessing that is now their daughter. I was so inspired after reading their dedication of adoption. (A not so easy task for many people) but I believe has to be worth it so much when you have that child in your arms.

You can look at more of their collaborative work with Kinfolk. One of my now favorite book/magazines thanks to my friend Austin for introducing me to it. Although I think he secretly wanted me to notice that he writes for them. He and his wife are kinda brilliant people too. I'll talk about them in another entry. You can get the book from Anthropology. If you don't have one where you live, check the stockist page on Kinfolk to see where you can pick up a copy, or order it from them online.


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