Photo Musings {Fridays}

                                              It's that time again. Friday pictures and music.
                                                         Take a gander at this lovely lady.
                                         I'll be so glad when she makes a dang album I can buy!
                                                           God bless her little raspy soul.
                         She's adorable all around and this video showcases her cute innocence in the lyrics.
                                                                     Lucy Rose. Scar.

                                                               Photographer Inspiration:
                                                                 Mr. Alec Vanderboom
                                                          Minor story goes with this one.
                         Met him this year through a mutual friend who was trying to see if we'd hit it off.
                                                                     If you're curious...
                              The answer is, I think only on a friend level (that's what I gathered anyways).
                                        But I thought he was sweet and cute and still think he is.
                                                        If you wanna know if we went out...
                                                                     The answer is no.
                                                                 Do I admire his work?
                                     And have for a few years now, and that was prior to meeting him.
                                         Some things are just as good in person as you imagine them...

                                       He's got a new & wonderful looking website on its way.
                                                                   It looks fantastic.
                                                         The layout is easier to manage,
                                                                        and yes,
                                   your jaw will drop when you see the pictures he captures.
            I've never seen natural look more beautiful than in his really simple, but exquisite shots.
                                     Are guys okay hearing their photography called exquisite?
                                                                      Who cares.

                                   You can follow the sir on the twitter sphere: @vanderboom
                                         (be mindful of his wit, it's liable to make you laugh)
                                     The tumblr's sphere:
                                               You can also see his stuff on The Knot.
                                 AVBoom, if you ever read this, it was a pleasure meeting you.
                    Also, AVBoom is your dubbed wrestling name now. Don't steal mine anymore.


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