Tunesday {Records}

Been on the search for a great record player for about 5 years now. My parents have one, but obvy I haven't taken that from their house. So I've looked at several regular go-to, quick frill brands without the responsibility of major up-keep.


Okay who am I kidding... this is like the one brand of record players I have looked at consistently and just haven't ever saved up to buy it. But it's looking like I can grab one for a nice price of $114 at Walmart. Also a Crosley brand. I am not a Walmart snob. You get what you pay, the warranty is usually sure fire at Wally World and it's not some outlandish fee.

On to the great stuff: The vinyl's I'd want to get my hands on.

Mumford & Sons: Can only imagine how crisp the sound would be on Roll Away Your Stone & Cave

John Coltrane... Need I say any more?

Fleetwood Mac. 70s alt rock in the greatest sense. Music to my ears, always.

 The Black Keys. Taking cues from some great soulful singers The Animals, and Georgie Fame.

James Blake. Hmmm, what describes this eerily serene and troubled voice? His music and words combined.

 The Postal Service will always take me back to high school. I liked my high school experience partly because my musical tastes were beginning to cultivate and I felt like I was that kid. That kid that could finally get something that many others couldn't.

This classy broad has got a voice like no other. It has so much base to it, it/she just has a substantially distinct voice. Almost unparalleled.

R.I.P to one of the most talented voices our generation has gotten the pleasure of hearing. When the phrase 'gone to soon' is stated, I think often of Amy Winehouse. Her voice is not

 Dubbed many things, this band Vampire Weekend has made my heart pitter with the names of their songs. Oxford Comma, and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, makes me want to throw on the proverbial boater shoes, nice crisp polo, and some cute shorts and set sail drinking horchata. (In reality horchata sounds disgusting, but completely befitting of the imagery in my head.)

 His is the other half of the infamous She & Him. he's the him. Sounds like he has to cough out that sound from his voice, but it's there to stay and I like it. Soft, raspy, and pleasant. I much like his sound without the She.

 Fleet Foxes. Your name is cute enough to want to decorate a child's nursery with. Your music, also quaint enough to mimic lullabies. I'm looking into it now.

Uh uh. None of us need say anything. You just go out and buy. Listen. Imagine.

 Breakouts right? Brilliant vocals of harmony couldn't get better. It could, but live, it doesn't get better than hearing the two of them together.

I can only imagine vinyl of J. Hendrix is the closest you will get to feeling like he's standing in front of you.

Bon Iver has exploded my heart with melodic tones. Soft whispers of love songs breached in hurt, but somehow, I never feel depressed after listening to it, just somewhat peaceful.
Jack White. The man has got a multitude of talents. Let's remember that out of those multitudes of being severely creative, he's got himself wrapped into about 6 bands. Count em'. SIX. he plays in every last one.

I was sold on Someone Like You by Van Morrison. But I was even more sold on his soulful vocals. But hands down, Tupelo Honey always makes me want to get a rabbit, name it Tupelo and go sit in a field, lay on my back and look up at the wheat growing tall over me and kissing the blue sky. Yeah, sometimes I am a hippie child.

Last and not least. U2. The appreciation for U2, is the same most people have for The Beatles. They have 100% changed the face of music/faith/and non profit work. The sound of this on vinyl seems incomparable to many records out there.


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