Inspired Travels...{Savannah, GA} Mondays

So here it is, a post based on places I am visiting, would like to visit, or have visited. With the hope that I can at least look back at these posts and be inspired that I can still do these things no matter what my age. I loved the movie "The Bucket List", it makes me want to keep going and doing no matter how small.

With that being said, Savannah. I'm coming at this whole experience from the angle of a Gilmore Girl. Character Sookie, Jackson, Rory, Paris, Luke, Jess, Dean, Lane, Babbett, Patty, Emily, Richard, Logan.... You know how it goes.

I would like to take a couple little strolls to some local parts of the area. This vintage clothing shop that is probably a little like Plato's Closet but a little better in selections of clothing, called The Clothing Warehouse.

           I like tea, and since I can't be in England to have an appropriate teatime, this place seems pretty interesting. I'm sure if Emily Gilmore wasn't completely stuck up, she'd give this place a chance without  turning up her nose. But let's be real, she'd probably have a snide remark quicker thank you can say.... Gryphon Tea Room.

Also, can't go to Savannah and not experience Paula Deen and sons' restaurant The Lady and Sons
I've been transitioning into becoming a Pescetarian because of how much I like fish, but also because I want to be a healthy 26 year old. Soon to be 27 year old. I don't pass up food because I have to, I would like to make conscious decisions of eating healthier options, but also eating the foods I love in moderation. 
You can already gather Sookie would be owning this joint.

The menu already looks tasty: Crab Stuffed Portobello, Shrimp and Grits, Seared Tilapia. The list goes on and on.

Saw a cute little bookstore I'd like to visit as well, called The Book Lady. Looks like something       reminiscent of a fantasy dreamed up by Rory Gilmore herself.

On for my ultimate treat, the dreams of Lane Kim come to life. Only this endeavor doesn't have to be hid under floor boards from a crazed Ms. Kim.
This is apart of SCAD, or at least held in SCAD's building, but it is called the Savannah Record Fair. Loads of records, loads of cd's. Everything a music lover could really ask for. I'm now crossing my fingers for a record player. On for the hunt now!

And that is probably where I'll end it folks. But if you'd like to know more of the trip itinerary I'll be sure to post some more about it, as well as my own pictures.


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