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Test Subjects: Interracial Relationships Article {Rough Draft}

Oh boy! You know that note I wrote about failure? Well I got the opportunity to write for my old job about a subject that I'm so passionate about that I probably dream about it 90% of the time. I got a timeline to do it in, and me thinking I would have no issues in submitting it, I blacked out and haven't submitted anything. Causing me to feel a great deal of embarrassment and doubt in my writing. Because this time, I'd be writing for an actual editor of a magazine. She'd be critiquing and correcting my work. I saw lines of red and side notes and scribbles that transferred me back to high school in English class. I never proclaim to be a writer, just someone who loves to write thoughts and theories out. Mt punctuation is never correct, my grammar is usually the only thing I feel confident in because I learned that an expansive vocabulary can make any article of garbage sound somewhat professional and proficient in the subject matter. With all that being said, I'm g…

Where Do You See Yourself 20 Years From Now?

That question was not really all that daunting as a kid because when it was asked, it seemed more like it was an eternity away from being 10 years old. In my mind I thought being 30 years old would mean I'd be walking with a cane of some sort, not embracing or experiencing life with vibrancy.

How was I to put an age on my parents? And understand that they were in their 30s, raising me with more knowledge and clarity than I thought a 30 year old ought to have. To give you a rundown of an age timeline; when I was 10, I was in 5th grade and it was 1995. My dad was 36 and my mom was 34. I just saw them as mom and dad being older, but not old. They had energy, they never seemed like they would tire. They still rode roller coasters with me and my sister, we stayed up on the weekends, they ate junk food with me. I didn't see their age.

Here I am today, 4 years shy of that declaration, and I feel as if I've utterly lost my mind! I feel like I am 4 years away from not being anywher…

Some Goals... Making my Lists

I know there are a lot of qualms that come with people making lists because people can often think that you are a bit of a prude and a controller of everything in your life.

Well I'm here to tell you, because of my last post, I need to make a tangible goal list and I want to write it out in the interwebs so I can prove to myself more than anything that this will take some time and work and I need to find myself dedicated to making a change.

My Personal Life Goals:
Challenge myself more and not be afraid of failing
Focus on writing down everything if it helps remember important things
Do not spend the day, wasting it on technology

My Health Goals:
I want to be healthy conscious
I want to state a goal and commit to it
I want to bike everyday
I want to run 3-5 miles every other day
I want to truly enjoy food without guilt

My Financial Goals:
To pay off my student loans in 3-4 years
To build up a great credit score
To send people on mission trips
To be able to travel at least 1-2 time…

Oiy Vey! Put the Brakes On!

Argghhh! These emotions of never knowing how to explain what you're going through when you go through them are possibly one of the most annoying things to deal with.

Since before the week of my birthday I have technically been without work. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't like being without work. I feel like without work I do not know what to do. Oiy! I know! I'm saying all the things that warrant people to want to give me advice. I've heard almost every encouraging type of advice-wanted and unwanted and it's not what is needed/wanted.

This is probably something that transcends what I've ever gone through. Now I'm trying to change my perspective on where I am at. The funny thing is, is you can have uplifting words from friends and family to give you that extra boost to step up or change, but deep down, I know that me changing is only going to come from God accelerating my heart in a different direction. I can constantly do what everyone else wants …