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Tunesday {Lyrics Version}

I'm a firm believer in the power of words having a great affect on a person. Especially hurtful words. But even more–so with music. Music's words have impacted people for generations, and there is something to be said about the power of love words– writing the words of one's heart seems to me the most difficult, but also the most passionate and cathartic way of expressing the deepest parts of their heart and soul. Often times (I'm making words up now) people treat that catharsis and merge it a lot with being lethargic and then it turns them into cathargic people. Half purging their thoughts into song, and the other half not doing anything about it.

With all that being said, there is this one song that has made itself known in my life and the lyrics highly  pertinent to my life almost all the time with guys. They usually end up being friends that I find myself liking and they like me back, but make no motion into doing anything about it. So often times, I pull away from…

Today is Muh Birthday!

I am a whopping 27 years old today. A lot of things have happened. A lot of changes. A lot of growth. Crazy good things. God reshaping my thought process and everything else with it.

I have been trying to come up with fantastic ideas for my birthday get together this Friday. Something inclusive for the friends I love. So here are my plans, get ready, it's gonna be a good one for me. Think Chinese paper lanterns. Writing my thoughts, and aspirations for this new age of my life on them and sending them up in the air. I believe in manifestation. I'm trying to make that sentence sound the opposite of new age, since Chinese, and new age religion kind of goes hand in hand, but in this case, I would like to do the lanterns in that way. Photograph the entire day, go out to a field away from my city and document it. Putting together quite the sweet keepsake type of video for me and friends.

Probably just have a nice picnic before releasing the lanterns. Would like to make some nice lit…


If you were at all one of those girls at the height of Robert Pattinson pandemonium knew who his immediate circle of musical friends were, you'll know this guy. Between him and his musical compadres, they all embody the same raw angtsy folk heart jerking music. Come take a walk down memory lane you weirdo twi-hards.
                                                          Marcus Foster. Nameless Path.
                                             Clearly he's not nameless anymore due to R. Pattz
                                                  name dropping for his friends' careers.
                                                             Kudos Mr. Pattz. Kudos.
                           Just drop K Stew and you'll be on a roll with making good decisions. (I kid.)

Photo Musings {Friday}: Motion

Came across this video because I was looking up a composer by the name of Sharevin Shaeri. He composed the score from the Kinfolk video, An Ode to Summer. I got to scouring the inter webs like usual when I take a keen liking to artistry and music, and stumbled upon his work with a company by the name of Mutant Jukebox located in the UK. Here is a motion video of hair. Don't ask me why I'm mesmerized, but the fact is, her hair resembles that of ink when you drop it into a glass of water and let it turn about each curve of black liquid satin. It creates its own patterns. Nothing is contrived and it's all without the touch of human manipulation aside from dropping it into the water.

                                                                  BRILLIANT art!
I literally can not stop watching how soothing their videos are. Check out the glowing snowboarder. Never seen anything like it.

I Fear I Must Admit... {Random Ramblings} Thursday

I have come to the apparent conclusion that I am a girl that comes on soft and strong at the same time. I voice my opinion casually without frightening a guy from talking to me, and continuing to talk to me. If I scared them away from holding a conversation, then I know I've come on too strong.

Here's the thing, this is the kind of girl I am. I am not afraid to say what I am thinking, but I hold my tongue to say it at the appropriate time. If my advice is not asked, I do not give it. I wear my heart on my sleeve covered with a sheer lace sleeve. It's there to be seen, but not there to be grabbed quickly. So don't get frisky.

I sometimes develop a hesitation on liking guys for the fact that I don't think I am what they want. I know that I can satisfy their needs for wanting attention, or encouragement, but other than that, I don't and can't give. (None of this is referring to things of sexual nature).

I am a siren for guys wanting a good laugh. Promise you, …

Wanderlust {Random Ramblings} Thursday

Have been ITCHING to travel for the last few months. I mean almost every last one of my friends has probably made a cross country trip to Europe which is and will always be my second home. There is something so rustic about Europe. The history, the culture, the food, the expansion of land... I am not missing out on the grass being green on this side of my house, I just like to cross over into different lands to see their grass. :)

I just like travel for the sheer fact that I am in constant awe and inspiration mode of who my Creator is. I am that way when I drive down to Tampa or Alabama, but my heart is literally in the countryside of most European countries.

I just had two lovely friends move to Copenhagen, Denmark and are already living a charmed life as far as looks. These kids... they pick berries and cherries in the ripest of seasons. They bike through hills, and lay in yellow painted fields of flowers. It's NUTS! Thankfully, I have a good enough reason to be in Europe next sum…



                                Try not to think too much of The Matrix, but go ahead and do so.
                                                             You probably will. I did.
                                                         They sound a lot like Skrillex.
                                                                If you're into his stuff.
   And I'm sure the dub step snobs would hate me putting them in the same scenario if they feel like he's not "legit" enough. Whatever that means.
                                                  I will start calling them genre snobs.
                                               They need to let by-gones be by-gones.

Summer musings... {Random Ramblings} Thursday

that warm summer breeze hits the back of your neck on a late summers day
"hello! dear friend"
calming you as you enjoy its soft and inviting whisper

you find yourself laying in a field somewhere
picking at wild flowers
holding it to your eye to inspect its tiny details

petal by petal you meticulously examine it
each fold, each pleat, eloquently placed
as if it's a tiny dress, for a tiny poised fairy

again the warm breeze rolls over your face
each follicle stands to salute its welcomed friend
and the last drop of summers light is dancing over your face

you hear every tiny creature saying good evening
wondering if they speak foreign languages like you do
"buenos noches", the crickets sounds off
"bonjour", say the little field mice
even the whistling of the blades of grass is calming to God's ears
they've all created a symphony for the heavens

the tickle of loose fabric teases your legs as the wind blows a new course for you
peering up from your …

30 Day Coldplay Challenge

Since I technically should've started this upon buying my ticket to the show, but I didn't know about it until a day ago. So here it goes...

01 your favorite song: one of them, Lost!

02 your least favorite song: Cemeteries of London

03 a song that made you fall in love with them: Sparks

04 a song from Parachutes–Trouble

05 a song from X&Y: Square One

06 a song that reminds you of someone

07 a song that reminds you of somewhere

08 a song that you wish you heard on the radio: Till Kingdom Come

09 a song that describes you: Fix You

10 a song with the best music video: sorry to abuse the mess out of Fix You, but it gives me SHIVERS every time (no pun intended)

11 a song from your favorite album: Clocks

12 your favorite acoustic version: any song chris martin chuckles through his set and you can hear it in the song

13 your favorite live version: now, its most likely charlie brown (Mylo Xylo 2012 tour)

14 a song from Viva La Vida: Lost! (original and +feat Jay Z version)

15 a so…


Bluey Robinson: Showgirl (Acoustic)
                                             Street singing improvisation at its most entertaining.
                                             You can call the other street singers, collaborators.
                          They probably got paid in Stanley nickels. (Office reference-stay with me people.)

                                                               Take a look at this chap.
                                                A photographer who happens to be a Christian.
                             Which to me is inspiring because we are supposed to be a creative bunch
                                                                       and sometimes
                                                             we copy what's been done.
Jeremy Cowart
                                                             humanitarian photographer