Summer musings... {Random Ramblings} Thursday

that warm summer breeze hits the back of your neck on a late summers day
"hello! dear friend"
calming you as you enjoy its soft and inviting whisper

you find yourself laying in a field somewhere
picking at wild flowers
holding it to your eye to inspect its tiny details

petal by petal you meticulously examine it
each fold, each pleat, eloquently placed
as if it's a tiny dress, for a tiny poised fairy

again the warm breeze rolls over your face
each follicle stands to salute its welcomed friend
and the last drop of summers light is dancing over your face

you hear every tiny creature saying good evening
wondering if they speak foreign languages like you do
"buenos noches", the crickets sounds off
"bonjour", say the little field mice
even the whistling of the blades of grass is calming to God's ears
they've all created a symphony for the heavens

the tickle of loose fabric teases your legs as the wind blows a new course for you
peering up from your grassy berth
a cool and glassy reflection awaits
a place to prospect
a place to, perhaps, dip your feet into

the mist of it greets your face with a cool kiss
it's as blue as navy
it cuddles alongside rocks
it teases the earth
and it invites you in

one step in and you feel revived
shivers run across you like a marathon
each goose bump creating a constellation of sorts

a deep breath begs you in
and a hollow sound of the world sits above your head
while flowing ink-like strands repel across your face
smooth strokes send you back above

above to hear the reflection still upon you
thoughts rummaging around for solace in a navy world
warm heat from your ears falls as well as your pondered thoughts from it
you sit in this glassy reflection for a moment longer
holding every moment in your arms as if this is the one to cherish the most

your first thoughts of summer
your first reflections of you
of who you want to be in those three short months
of who you can become
and what you will do with it

stepping out of the still, glassy reflection
a whisper of cool breeze hits you again
"goodbye dear friend"
the summer nights await your return


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