Bluey Robinson: Showgirl (Acoustic)
                                             Street singing improvisation at its most entertaining.
                                             You can call the other street singers, collaborators.
                          They probably got paid in Stanley nickels. (Office reference-stay with me people.)

                                                               Take a look at this chap.
                                                A photographer who happens to be a Christian.
                             Which to me is inspiring because we are supposed to be a creative bunch
                                                                       and sometimes
                                                             we copy what's been done.
                                                                     Jeremy Cowart
                                                             humanitarian photographer
                                               as well as a pretty great celeb photographer
                                     has probably been the source of many drool fest for people.
                                                Take a look at some of the images he took.
                               And these are just off his iphone, can you imagine how the rest look?
                                                                       .... Showoff.
                                                      (the man knows how to tell some stories in these pics)

All images below were done on an iphone..... 
Are you rolling over right now with your mouth open yet? 
Yea, how many people are regretting that fancy smancy nancy camera? 
Ok...I'm not really either.
But still, as a non iphone user, I would purchase the cheapest one
to be able to take regular everyday shots if they looked like this.

 This my friends is Lecrae. Christian hip-hop artist. His stuff is pretty legit. And don't discredit his talent because I couldn't resist using the word legit. His lyrics are strong, aren't typical, and have a great message. You can check out his webby by clicking on the fella's name. Lecrae. <----here or       up above.

Mr. Cowart's information can be found right here. Enjoy it dovies, and give him some credit if you plan on using his images as well. But I say go out and take your own, be creative. Just be inspired.

Oh and if you're not in love already and you still don't believe me on the celebrity chain. He took pics of Taylor Swift, Kristen Chenoweth, Imogen Heap, Brad Paisley, and Tim Tebow to name a few. Hellloooo Imogen Heap people!
                                                      Jeremy Cowart
                                             Instagram: JEREMYCOWART
                                               Twitter: @jeremycowart


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