Wanderlust {Random Ramblings} Thursday

Have been ITCHING to travel for the last few months. I mean almost every last one of my friends has probably made a cross country trip to Europe which is and will always be my second home. There is something so rustic about Europe. The history, the culture, the food, the expansion of land... I am not missing out on the grass being green on this side of my house, I just like to cross over into different lands to see their grass. :)

I just like travel for the sheer fact that I am in constant awe and inspiration mode of who my Creator is. I am that way when I drive down to Tampa or Alabama, but my heart is literally in the countryside of most European countries.

I just had two lovely friends move to Copenhagen, Denmark and are already living a charmed life as far as looks. These kids... they pick berries and cherries in the ripest of seasons. They bike through hills, and lay in yellow painted fields of flowers. It's NUTS! Thankfully, I have a good enough reason to be in Europe next summer. 1)THEM! 2)Countryside hikes 3) Countryside bike riding 4) any fruit picking and 5)PHOTOGRAPHY GALORE!

Check out the lovely doves, Austin and Ashlyn over at Wayfares All. You can also check out some of Austin's great writing skills in Kinfolk Magazine. He's a brilliant writer, and it's probably slightly sappy of me to tell you all that, he is probably one of my favorite writers. When you read his words, you'll see why. Aside from his wifey (who I adore!) and his family, and his other friends that have seen his writing skills, I'm a fan. Who am I kidding, I'm a fan of both of them. They really are the sweetest people you could ever meet. If you've ever been to the South and Southerners talk about the importance of sweet tea and homemade Apple Pie, this would describe these two PERFECTLY! Here's some of their pictures.


                                           Yup! They're precioso.


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