Photo Musings {Friday}: Motion

Came across this video because I was looking up a composer by the name of Sharevin Shaeri. He composed the score from the Kinfolk video, An Ode to Summer. I got to scouring the inter webs like usual when I take a keen liking to artistry and music, and stumbled upon his work with a company by the name of Mutant Jukebox located in the UK. Here is a motion video of hair. Don't ask me why I'm mesmerized, but the fact is, her hair resembles that of ink when you drop it into a glass of water and let it turn about each curve of black liquid satin. It creates its own patterns. Nothing is contrived and it's all without the touch of human manipulation aside from dropping it into the water.

                                                                  BRILLIANT art!
I literally can not stop watching how soothing their videos are. Check out the glowing snowboarder. Never seen anything like it.


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