How I Made the Move

Taking the steps to move is sort of a big deal, second in making the decision to move. I knew I wanted to live in a new state, explore more states in fact; and most of that started with a desire to want to visit to Portland, Oregon. I didn't have the stones to just pack my car up and move across country without an idea of what I was going to do, so I made it a priority to find a job that would allow me to be able to transfer to another location without the headache of having no real plans.
In comes IKEA, the light at the end of the Swedish Karlskoga tunnel. I started with the company back in 2013, and shortly found out all the amenities they offered. You may not call those amenities, but they have done nothing short of taking care of me as an employee and for that I will always be grateful and continue to put my efforts in being a well-rounded worker for them. 
Here are a list of things you should consider doing if you want to take a hop across the pond, a drive across the street, take a back road to another back road to another back road to get to you midnight snack at McDonald's.

First things first, you have to be willing to recognize you are about leave all things familiar and convenient. Having your favorite corner spot, park, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, coffee shop, and bookstore must be slightly erased from your already nostalgic forming mind. Careful not to lose it completely, just make enough space in your head to place all the new adventures there.
Think of the people who mean the most to you and start to intentionally spend time with them. All of that time spent being busy can usually cause us to feel rushed when we are saying our goodbyes that we end up spending time with people who never tried to make time for us in the first place.
Slowly rid yourself of possessions that you haven't looked at, touched, or shown off to anyone in the last 3-6 months. Giving yourself a year cut-off is just prolonging the inevitable...these are items you will end up curling up next to in a bed and will convince yourself you will use your 28 empty film canisters for some practical DIY project that you have yet to locate on Pinterest.
It's okay, you must let these things go to really feel like you're making progressive steps. Once you've cleaned out your space, room-by-room, get your boxes ready.
If you're taking just your car, play a couple rounds of Tetris and Sudoku to train your brain into packing for squares and L-shaped cubes. If you're taking a moving truck make sure your bank account has enough money to endorse feeding the pump. Mind you, tears may come because of the amount of times you fill up your car and less over the friendships you are leaving behind.

When you've settled all of that in your mind and have a couple of mini panic attacks, you're ready to actually move. Say your goodbyes, and cherish those memories you have made, the little nooks in coffee shops that you spent endless hours in working on college papers; say your goodbyes to all of the Target's, Wendy's, and Walgreens that you know off the top of your head and can give directions to anyone who asks.

Most importantly be ready to embrace one of the most exciting adventures of your life. The one that will bring forth new changes, new friends, possibly some new fears (that will subside) and embrace it all. Getting there is a small factor, but the journey is undeniably the most exhilarating thing you can experience if you let yourself.


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