Today is Muh Birthday!

I am a whopping 27 years old today. A lot of things have happened. A lot of changes. A lot of growth. Crazy good things. God reshaping my thought process and everything else with it.

I have been trying to come up with fantastic ideas for my birthday get together this Friday. Something inclusive for the friends I love. So here are my plans, get ready, it's gonna be a good one for me. Think Chinese paper lanterns. Writing my thoughts, and aspirations for this new age of my life on them and sending them up in the air. I believe in manifestation. I'm trying to make that sentence sound the opposite of new age, since Chinese, and new age religion kind of goes hand in hand, but in this case, I would like to do the lanterns in that way. Photograph the entire day, go out to a field away from my city and document it. Putting together quite the sweet keepsake type of video for me and friends.

Probably just have a nice picnic before releasing the lanterns. Would like to make some nice little sandwiches and just have it be a really easy birthday.

Other than  seeing one of my all time favorite bands (Coldplay) this year, I couldn't really ask for more! I have been blessed with lovely lovely friends. My family... I adore them and have become great friends with all of them over the years and I do not take that blessing for granted. It will be a small and intimate birthday. I don't want to invite people I don't want to invite and I don't and won't have to explain myself. I am getting to that point everyday where I am not consumed with caring what people think of my own actions all the time.

And that's about it. More picture ideas to come. Until then, check out Kinfolk and their Ode to Summer video, they have totally taken most of my birthday idea and put it in a short video. What are the odds eh? I should just work for them. ;)


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