Two Month Interim {Monday Ramble}

I was asked by a friend the other day what my plans were during this
two month wait period before I leave for Italy, and the funny thing is, I was thinking
about that a lot. What am I doing to prepare myself besides raising money?

I have found myself in situations of talking about this trip with a boldness.
Any fear I may have had about talking to people about my mission trip has been cleared
away in order for me to express the meaning of this trip through any preconceived ideas.
I have been wanting to distance myself from a lot of little outlets that I have found myself
consumed with through the days and I am inching closer to being more proactive.

What this means is that in the next 2 months, I have really got to take into
consideration that my life is about to drastically change. My life hasn't gone through too many
major changes since moving to Orlando for school. Now all it take is 3 months
in another country to completely alter my entire life as an amazing experience to gain knowledge
of another traditional religion as well as growing in my own and not taking personal
relationship with God for granted.

When I come back, if I come back to the states, if that's where God wants me... will be 
such a difference. I want to be ready for what He's got for me. I feel as if there will
be an intense alteration in my heart and I won't even want that part of my life to be contained. 
I'm tired of living a fearful and contained life. I know now that constant change for me in my
life helps me in not becoming a stationary faith seeker.

{stationary faith seeker}
Having the comforts of seeking out exciting and new things, but nothing requiring a challenge.

This is made up, but I do believe people can do whatever it is God calls them to, 
from wherever they are. But if they aren't ACTIVELY seeking him where they are,
the complacency becomes a thing of comfort. And change turns into something of an episode where you feel like your arm is being twisted and your teeth being pulled out to submit.

I don't want submission to God's will to look like that for me. I want to be so open to His
plan, that I am willing to just (in the words of Jonsi) "go do".


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