First things first:
You know those commercials that pop up on your Youtbe that you are ready skip over?
Saw one that I didn't want to skip. Lacoste has a new marketing commercial to create
a more modified tennis shirt made for the people, by the people.
The actual commercial is under Lacoste's website listed as "Polo of the Future."
One. It's brilliant advertisement in my opinion.
Two. Sold on the music alone!
Three. Just gotta love how classic Lacoste has always been.

Here below is a video that a fan made, with a compilation of old films
and tied it in with the band that was singing in the actual Lacoste commercial.
The band is called The Bumblebeez and the song is called Next To You.
Trust me, if you try looking this same name up on Spotify, you're probably gonna get some
weird tuneage. So, I will say that this song just fits the videos.



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