Hello Kiddos!

It's good to be back. After almost a full month of not giving you any thoughts inside my head, I have finally established a normal sleeping regimin... Who am I kidding?! I went to bed like all night owls do, but left the field mice for the real night owls.

I have got to get a better sleeping habit on the roll. Butter it up, and eat while warm.

It's a necessity that my life depends on.

As I type everything I write, I'm constantly thinking of editor friends that may stumble across this and redline everything in their head. And as I type this, I am literally giving you my minds thoughts verbatim. I don't think it appreciates it. Brains aren't gender specific unless you're on Ninja Turtles I'm assuming... Trailing rabbit...

Anywho, this morning I was supposed to have gone to a fitness class that I had been wanting to go to, but of course I woke up late. I'd like to say I woke up late because I didn't hear my alarm, or because I was feeling sick. In actuality, I was woke up late because I went to bed late because I could not stop myself from crafting. What's wrong with my eyes! I get sleepy, they stay open! Insomnia is not for the weak of heart.
And if anyone wants to talk of my lack of patience, clearly I have more patience than most because of my sheer willpower to fight my body against wanting actual 8 hours of sleep. And like all people who struggle with sleeping, you immediately want to Google the mess out of "your condition". Don't worry, I'm not claiming it, just making light of it for my particular situation. I would most definitely get more sleep if I were to set my mind to it. Apparently under the symptoms I'm having, for months, I would be classified as a chronic insomniac. Has a bit of a nice ring to it. I wish it afforded me some sleep with such a fancy title as that.

My brain doesn't activate itself until midday. And I am standing right behind it in support.

Well, I just wanted to come back in with a bang of rambling, and I will leave the world in a same happy manner.



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