Will Go

I hadn't been completely disconnected from the world since leaving the craziness of it, but I randomly checked on Facebook here and there and up came a status that tweaked my interest.

This is what I read from a friends wall: "God must have something special planned for Spring 2013!! One of our ESL teachers just dropped out late in the process. We're of FAITH that there's another lady out there who wants to share an apt in Chiavari, Italy for 3 months starting the 2nd week of February, enjoying the opportunity to have lots of pizza and pasta and gelato so as to build relationships to reach Italians for Christ with the benefit of the Italian culture and traveling Europe!! Let us know!!"

 Since I went on my first mission trip when I was 15, I had always had an interest of going on more short term mission trips. School and work never warranted for that type of accessibility and also, I think you know exactly when doors get closed. Maybe not in those moments, but you soon realize after other things start to fall together. I had also been thinking of getting my teaching license for elementary to middle school aged kids. If you already know my back story skip to the further information, or read this to re-learn about what you've misplaced of Ashante factoids. :)

THOSE WHO KNOW ME-SKIP THIS PART I've always helped out with kids ministries for as long as I can remember and have always enjoyed seeing little babies grow up and become societal human beings. They begin to learn tips and tricks and learn how to walk, talk, and think. It's amazing! ***

Anyway, I wondered why the thought of teaching came up so much after I had really thought about never wanting to go back to school again, and it was mainly because it would be a perfect job for me right now to be able to raise and save money to pay off student loans since I still don't have a job that gives me health benefits or the things that are kind of acting adult necessities in order for you to feel remotely independent from your parents. So much work. Well then my dad mentioned it to me when we were having one of our many convos about what it is I want to do with my life, and he asked if I had ever considered teaching children. I scratched my head only to ponder why the question had been provoked in my thought pattern more than once in the last year or two. Possible children's psychology is in my future. Just saying.

So if you can still add word problems, teaching+short term mission trip= teaching missionaries needed.
WOW! So God, you shutting the "perfectly manicured" doors of Anthropologie in my face was totally necessary? Oh! And how about any other job opening closing the minute I put in my application? That's your doing? OK... What now?

Asking your friend for more information about the organization her parents are involved in as missionaries in Italy. Ask, you shall receive. I Skyped later in the week with Lee Walti and his wife Jeanette Walti, as well as my mom, about what this trip meant. It was a great call and with much inside turmoil of whether or not this trip was meant for me, or just a pipe dream of getting back to Italy, I checked myself. My heart, my spirit... everything that would induce me to believing that this was wrong of me to want this so badly.

I prayed and slept on it and had a dream.
I swear God wrote the song, "Dream a Little Dream." So I dreamed. I had a dream that I was hiking over peaks and peaks of a mountaintop that was never ending to find a village. A quiet and serene village tucked away in a valley. It was a rustic village. Although I had never seen it before, I knew what it looked like. Well after many trips over many hills, mountains, and valley's (Think the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner) and I spot the village (now think of Under the Tuscan Sun village.) It was there, figuratively the clouds and rain had parted and there was my answer.
I woke up the next morning to tell my mom that I had gotten my answer. Told her about the dream and let the challenge of faith without seeing to come.


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