Bloggers I Like {Wednesday}

Here we go... Bluebird Blog

This blog is what inspires me to love life, love my kids (when I have them), and love the company of good friends and food. This mother and father of 3 (with one more bun in the oven on the way) are super adorable. Firstly, I see them and I'm thinking to myself, how are they so dang young looking and they've got these children that could be their kid sibling?!?! Anyways, they've got a daughter named Birdie with the cutest little blonde curls, chubby baby legs, and a cherubic face. The older kids, could possibly be the models for the adorable Ralph Lauren ads. Anyway, enough of me gabbing about the adorability of this family.

Her blog essentially represents the bohemian lifestyle that I absolutely adore. It's simple living. At least that's what I see. Her features are pleasant and quaint, from maternity style, to her and her kids engaging in lunch time, as well as them taking care of their little chickadees. Seriously, they've got little baby chicks!

So, you're about to see my blooming obsession with this blog. Also tips that I will probably incorporate into my life.

a momma that prepares lunches, is a momma that knows those produce good memories. notes attached.
  • these are pretty crafty. i wouldn't mind investing in them myself... for portion control purposes people. :) 

     told ya' she was a cutie patootie. momma bluebird back there pregnant at 26 weeks!

     the kiddos. don't they look adorable? i would reference them to being scrumptious, but clearly they aren't food, but they sweet looking kids.
    from their amazing wedding. i believe i just found out how i want my wedding! check out their photographer brooke schwab over at brooke schwab photography. i aspire to photograph like that one day.

    Anyways, looks like i'll be featuring a new photographer now ;) I hope you doves liked this entry, because I definitely loved having a reason to post and share it with you. Have a fantastic night/day, depending on wherever you are.


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