A Trend That Should Cease... {Observing Wallflower}

Getting back into watching different tv shows on account of getting cable. I dislike hearing g--d--n, and  a-----e, and b---h, and s---. These are words that are now infiltrating regular basic channels like TNT, USA, NBC, and even Bravo.
I do not understand why or how those words are acceptable for not be bleeped or whatever these shows do. AHEM... not saying them.
Now with Bravo, most of the shows on that station are Reality tv shows. I can't stand that this stuff is slipping into tv shows.
Now, I was steam rolled when I first was watching a show called Harry's Law, really great show, but NBC, a network that plays the likes of The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and some moderately rated family shows. Granted they aren't straying away from some foul-mouthed scenarios, but they also aren't blurting out profanities that are normally heard on HBO, or Showtime.

I was following up on a show called Burn Notice. Pretty great show, but noticed some of the language has been changing the course of the shows 5 seasons.

Then following up to a new show that I hadn't seen but was interested in it, is Suits, also on USA. 15 minutes into the show, at least 6 or 7 times the words 'gd','son of a b','a-hole', 'bull-s' etc. It has a lot of great scenarios in it, engaging storyline. Unfortunately, I had to turn it off.

"Oh, but it's just a show, it's just acting." But why, has this little thing infiltrated itself into our regular tv shows? There is no need for it. By the time I have kids, they'll end up having to watch all old recordings and tv shows on dvd/ (whatever is out when I have kids) to prevent that type of thing from being normal. I will not shield my kids anymore than I have to from the things of this world, but if I can prevent/hold things off for a short time at least, I will go to those measures.

I feel slightly embarrassed that people of my generation, Christian or not, have found these things to be acceptable for children to sit in front of a tv and hear crude language and treat it as normal. It is never, nor ever will be normal for a child at any age to hear profanity.

I think I feel so strongly of this because I feel like everyone's freedom of speech rights are getting injected into our pop culture and it's going to be accepted because it's entertainment, it's art. I'm sure I'll get the usual, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to, but I shouldn't have to turn off a show that is potentially a family show/ with a good moral compass/message because there is more of a necessity for these networks to reach a broader base of viewers (i.e.:being cool to boost ratings).

I dunno, that's just the rant I have. I can't stand garbage tv shows and in the recent years there has been a large sum of horrible shows to weed through to get to the tiny handful of great shows with great writers that are slipping through the cracks of fingers.

And with that two cents...
You don't have to agree, I just think tv has lost some of the wholesome appeal it had. Nothing wrong with wholesomeness.


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