"You Can Do Better" {Random Ramblings} Thursdays

A phrase I've heard often. "You can do better." Implying that the guy I'm interested in that is not showing me any interest is below the needs of what I want.

You can do better than who he is.
You can do better than his lack of {fill in the blank}.
You can do better than him in the looks department.
You can do better than him in the work department.
You can do way better than him in who you can get.

I think I've always cringed at that statement. Flinched even. Now, I bow my head in embarrassment, not wanting to be that person who thinks she's above any person, let alone a really great guy.

Do better in what way? My standards are already up the ladder, rescuing a poor grandma and her pooch Copperton. What my standards aren't getting me is that immediate gratification of being in a relationship with any guy. ANY guy. Not the "bad" ones, not the "good" ones, not the saints, not the golden boys, the bad boys, the artists, the brainiacs... No one.

I've been told my standards are too high. Set too high. In my opinion that's a debate that could go on for ages, so I won't get into it on here either, but I feel that my standards are set at a healthy level. I have not made a huge list that Santa himself would turn away from, and I haven't had the expectations of being someone's goddess. I don't hold myself up to anything that someone else can't do.

I pray for the ways I can grow and change and be ready. But I also pray for those things in a spouse. Nothing wrong with a little elbow grease prayer.

You meet a good guy. You make some sort of an input, no matter how minuscule it is, and you value that person for who they are in that moment. Your expectations of who they are, are not outweighed by the expectations or standards that you want.
Standards can be good and bad. Good when you want to hold yourself to better standards to be all that you can be for someone else. Bad, when you see even yourself above reproach that you don't even follow your own standards.


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