Endeavours of a Single Lady

When a single lady is single, she is practicing for many things and this is just a funny little scenario of some of those things.

She will undoubtedly try to learn how to cook better. Being a box kid does constitute as being a cooker of some sort, but you will be demolished in the battlefields of Julia Childs kitchen. Learn new recipes, that's what Pinterest is for. Have cooking and baking parties with friends, and challenge yourself in new things.

Note: Learn how to prepare chicken well, learn how to appropriately read instructions for boiling pasta/rice, and practice steaming vegetables. You run less of a risk ruining your veggies by steaming them over grilling them in a pan or oven. Trust me... imperative to your "impress the guy stage". Learn basics and you'll be fine. Once you master those with great ease, then you can maybe stick to a simple boxed cake recipe.

She will try to manage her finances, yet still finds herself spending chunks of her paycheck on new clothes, gas for her car, or eating out. She will say she isn't horrible at managing her money, but she has yet to learn how to be really successful at managing it either.

Note: Be real patient with this one. She will get the hang of it eventually, and for your sake you will hope she figures her finances out before getting in a marriage especially since she's accustomed to spending for one, she will have to learn how save more multiple, and spend little to nothing on most everything in order to save more. Challenge her to only spending a certain amount a week, then down to a spending amount for a month. Then eventually she will have a budget under her belt that doesn't feel constrictive. And then challenge yourselves to a cheap dinner/date night. Dollar theater is fantastic, and splitting a meal of some sort at the restaurant is sweeter when you're in your 50s, but can be really selfless and endearing when you're in your 20s.

She will probably know more about her car then you will give her credit for. If she doesn't, then learn with her, but do not play macho man when it comes to the car. For you never know the rare bird you have come across, she may be an absolute car buff.

Note: When car issues arise, let her see how much she can do on her own before helping her out with every little thing. Sure she may need your help, and if she says she doesn't, that's when you do one of two things... 1)Admire her for she may see this as a great challenge. 2)If she is being stubborn, love her, but help her. (me)

She may be the controller of the remote.

Note: If a girl has only ever had a T.V. and remote in her possession and not had to share it with anyone, understand that you watching a couple of games will not be a huge issue, but you watching a couple of games, and then more games, and then ESPN on loop, and then more games might constitute
in her having ownership over that remote. Some of us just want equal partnerships over the remote. Thankfully we have Hulu, Netflix, and DVR. Watch a couple of shows together, don't watch a couple of shows together, either way make sure you enjoy her company and she enjoys yours when you're together... not the remotes company.

She may be less inclined to shopping than you would think. 

Note: Pay close attention to this girl, she is a bit of a rare breed. She doesn't say she dislikes shopping just for the heck of it. What is it about shopping that she can't stand doing? If she has only ever shopped with girl friends, what are things that she enjoys and doesn't enjoy with them? Perhaps all she may be is a food court sampler surfer. Maybe she is a window shopper, a window browser. A "I'm going to look at this online, run into the store and grab what I need before chaos ensues." Watch her demeanor change in large crowds, tight quarters, or busy areas. If she seems anxious, pull her out immediately and grab the girl a Cinnabon stat! But if she complains of large, busy, and tight areas, your best bet is to take her to a book store and slowly browse tons of titles and even music, it calming effects will change her heart rate, and her anxiety.

She has ample enough time in her single life to catch up on team sports, live games, and fitness.

Note: You are in for a surprise when you find out this girl has a knack for beating people at air hockey, ping pong, go-karting, and even tennis. But it doesn't stop there, she can even be a great video game partner, as well as a live sporting event fan. Yes, this girl you will keep tight to your side because she will still be game for a game or two, or three, or four.

Just remember whatever girl you get, girly girl, book nerd, video gamer, music aficionado, food snob, more to love... cherish it. She will have more surprises than you can even imagine. Much like you will probably have many characteristics that we will be surprised by.


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