Rom Com Theories Part Deux// The Backup Plan

Hmmm where were we? Oh yea, picking apart some movies. I think this weeks was "The Backup Plan". For starters, the only good thing about that movie was seeing Alex O' Loughlin and the adorable wheelchair bound French Terrier rolling across our hearts... Yea, that was a minor plug of some sort.
Cut me a break, I have to try to do something for this movie besides telling you not to see it.

------{subliminal message: do not see this movie, it's horrible. but there are still some sweet parts, just not enough to watch an hour and a half long movie about planning your life without someone in it}-----

Here we have an impatient 30 something who used to work for the corporate world, decided that she didn't want that lifestyle and after purchasing a dog that had some puppy issues, she decided she would dedicate her life to helping dogs like her beloved Nuts and open a pet store.
Insert unruly and over-opinionated sister Mona, whom Zoe gets advice from about love, children, love, children. Mona was probably more accurate as a friend and sibling because she was only saying what most people feel about their own kids but fear it sounds to rigid to say anything like that.
Zoe had a plan to be married with kids at a certain point in her life. None of that happened, so she came up with her back-up plan to have children without a man... OK, with a man, but without his presence. So she is inseminated. Uh huh, a lot like what having farm animals sounds like. (Nothing wrong with that if those are the options you have, but don't mind my cynicism of this movie, the insemination doesn't reflect my actual feelings of it with real life people and not characters in movies, like this one.) Zoe also has a little bit of a problem of letting people in and so she has already set it in her mind to go with her game plan, without a man.

Of course like most of these movies, Zoe is going about her business, get's inseminated, hops in a cab on a rainy day, romantic interest gets in cab with her, the two have a staged argument, not believable enough for you to assume that they could possibly detest one another for having to share a cab when they could have easily just shared the cab part ways (blah, blah, blah).
Their second meet cute was at a farmer's market where Stan had a tent and sold fresh artisan cheese's.

See how this insemination thing wraps back around? Uh huh.

Stan meets up with Zoe, unbeknownst to her, at her own shop and a make shift date is set.
Continue through this story and Zoe finds out she's pregnant right around the same time that she starts to develop genuine feelings for Stan. Now she's afraid and scared of this commitment, maybe more than Stan, and Stan had every reason to run the other way because he had been married, got a trollop for a wife, and then got divorced. So in actuality, his trust circle appeared to be much smaller than Zoe's but for her own reasonings, she reflected all of her feelings of mistrust and commitment phobia onto him.
I will fast forward because all of this is just side chatting, but the things that stood out were the fact that she did reflect all of how she felt onto Stan expecting him to leave after finding out she was pregnant, especially since they weren't even his children. In her mind, why would a guy stick around after finding all of this stuff out? He must want to cut and run, because that's a lot for a man with kids of his own to handle. So she went through one too many moments of pushing him away thinking that is what he wanted. To run. Finally, she gave him no other alternative but to run, but it was because she pushed and pushed and pushed. Then she finally wisened up after a double flip stroller was presented at her house that he helped design for the twins she was having. It shouldn't have taken that type of gesture, but I guess for everyone who struggles with something in their life, they need a gesture that proves their theories wrong about how the human brain can work.

The silver lining: We all feel a bit of imposition on our normal routines in life when we've been more accustomed to keep people out. When we need to let them in, that is where the real challenge comes, and also a lot of room for patience and forgiveness. Could you imagine meeting someone who was so persistent with you during all of your shortcomings and saw you for you really are? What a beautiful way of viewing a person for who they are, who they were made to be, despite them always wanting to push you out of their normalcy and comfortability. Despite it being a not-so-great movie ratings wise, it still had something that could be taken from it. When you're most afraid of the good that is coming into your life, try to force yourself to do one thing that makes you relinquish that control you're used to having. The world opens and beautiful things begin to happen.


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