My Fancies

There are countless things in the single life that I love and I call them my fancies. Actually I dubbed that as of a few moments ago. But we'll pretend as if I had that as my copyright.

I appreciate the fact that right now in my life I can pick up and go anywhere. With the exception of work responsibilities, and financial responsibilities, I can practically go where I want to.

Although I'm sure that if even in a few years I'm married, I will always like the fact that I can re-watch any of my favorite movies over and over and never get sick of it. Ie: Pride and Prejudice (A&E version, let's keep it straight!) Anne of Green Gables (on VHS), Heavyweights, Mighty Ducks (all of them), Home Alone (all of them) and a slew of other kid friendly movies and always feel like a part of my childhood will always be in those time capsules of movies I grew up on.

On many occasions, I have chosen to go to movies on my own, eat by myself, and walk around malls by myself. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction then knowing that I can be content in being all by myself as much as I enjoy good company.

I fancy buying sweets. I don't mean some upscale fancy sweet... I mean having a pre-teen geek out moment over eating gobs of gummy bears, twizzlers, fresh baked cookies, s'more pop tarts, red velvet anything and pints of ice cream. I am telling you, my tubby years are literally with me always. I enjoy food, but I really enjoy having a couple of those sweets every once in a while to be that adult who remembers wanting those things a lot when I was a kid. I swear to you, when I was younger, my old church in Tennessee had those sugared orange slice chewy candies that stay on a table in the foyer, and I found myself grabbing handfuls of those sugary delectable sweeties and then paying for it later with a stomach ache. I did not care. I loved them. I did however have a problem with overeating sweets. Per esampio... My aunt loves Swedish Fish candies, so much so she had a large bag of it on her dresser and a huge glass jar with them in it. One day, I went into her room more times than I should have and kept  scarfing down the Swedish fish. Needless to say, I can only have a few of them now as an adult before I feel like I'm going to hurl.
Another time, I went to my grandparents for the summer and my Nana stocks the best of the best in food and sweets, and treats in this industrial style freezer in the basement. Well she told me that she had some pecan pie in that freezer. Not just any pecan pie, the ones that come in cute kid sizes. When she told me that I could have some because she bought them for me and my sister, oh did I have some! And did I gain the weight that summer!! But those glorious little pies will always be a favorite of mine because I am a weakling for pecan pies.

Now you see my true identity for the fanciest of them all. The sweets. Two paragraphs worth of more of an obsession. I am not proud of those moments of overeating, but now I can enjoy them all in moderation. A slice of pecan pie is good for me. Allowing myself 10 twizzlers as opposed to the whole bag is a better deal. S'mores pop tarts are only ever really reserved for camping whenever I am too cheap to buy the other ingredients to make up the real s'mores. I've learned from my gluttonous ways. :)

I still enjoy reading books. When I can I immerse myself in the story as much as I do the vocabulary. I will read books that have these scopious amounts of words and look them up in the dictionary and add them to my memory bank of words and find myself trying to use it throughout the day. Aside from music, words are something that I truly nerd out about. Once I learn it, I use it.

My fancies in clothing, when I go shopping are really laid back and casual looks. Sure I don't mind going into Banana Republic and finding a killer dress with all the right stitching and perfect visual stimuli, but I will always go back to basics. I like layers, I like hoodies, and flannel, and denim. Really finely made denim. I like the look of a plain white men's tee, and I like just about any type of rugged moto boot, or boot with heels.

I fancy being in my car and flipping through stations, only to find myself really just wanting to listen to a sports channel every once in a while, or NPR, or classical and jazz music. I don't have to ask if anyone in the car has a preference to it or not, I can listen to what I want and I like that.

I have a tendency to gravitate towards foreign films, foreign music, silent films, old movies, cult classics, VHS and tapes, just because I have always liked those things. Not because it's cool and hip, or uncool and unhip, I will like it no matter what. I don't say it because I've been hit with the bandwagon stick, I say it because I prefer the simplicity of the past over modern conveniences that have become inconvenient at times.

I still fancy comic strips and comic books, and Marvel-esque cartoons. I can't get enough of the remakes of Batman series cartoons. They did an amazing job rebranding it for a younger audience, and it's not like they have to, these are super heroes who will always be around even for our kids. If we have anything to say and do about it.

And there you have it. A sliver of things that I fancy as a single woman.


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