Serendipitous Eyes

And all along those times I thought I was looking, I had no idea I was really even looking for anything. All the time I thought I had been looking for my ideal, I was waiting in a forward motion.
All around me seemed to move forward and I seemed to be in a labyrinth. Moving in every direction but not the same as everyone else.

I had seen many kind eyes bestowed upon me, and heard many a flattering word, but those will not get you far. It's almost as if those sweet words belittled all that my heart was capable of receiving in truth.

This though, this look, it seemed different than all the others. Those words, more mellifluous sounding and not casting doubt. These were words of sincerity that came from a much deeper place. Those were his words for me and no one else. I ardently and deeply connected I had felt in a short amount of time.

He seemed to have looked at me differently. His eyes smiling in a way that left me puzzled. How could he look at me in a way that seemed I was the only one in the room?
Had I not seen him before all this time?
Was he my shadow?

Now I see how he has looked at me. With sincerity in his eyes, along with warmth and a sense of protection. I couldn't fathom having known anyone to look at me like that except for the man I'm supposed to marry.

He has unearthed a feeling that I had locked away for 2 years. A feeling of carrying on in my life and not paying attention anymore to the life I could no longer control. The life I had surreptitiously hidden from God because I was not strong enough to let Him direct it. All of it.

He looked at me like I was his only one. His eyes smiled with great fervor and I in turn smiled back at him, maybe not even understanding the entirety of what was happening between us and our moment of serendipity.


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