Julia Trotti {Bloggers/Photographers I Like}

Probably can't get enough of her Facebook page. Her Instagrams, her blog, Tumblr, anything!

She is super sweet too! I will tell you how sweet when you ask how sweet......

Ok, unresponsive crowd. She gives free curves on her website. For you Photoshop geeks, that is a took you can use to change the setting of your images. It's a great editing tool when you know what you're doing. Even if you don't, she gives you instructions of how to do so. She calls them "Free Curve Friday's". Peruse her site and see some you like and try em out.

Seeeee, she is sweet.

How many photographers that get put in print magazines do you know that give away their tricks and tips?

Hardly any. You usually have to pay for it. While you do have to pay for some of her actions, you aren't paying much for quality editing tools for you aspiring photographers. I have something to tell you. Most of the actions are $9.99. I say that's a sweet deal. 

So do yourself a huge ol' grand favor and check her work out. Her website, plain and simple to remember: Julia Trotti.

Twitter: @jtrotti
Facebook: Julia Trotti


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