Validity in Perfection/Imperfection

If you're consumed with seeking your validity through people in what you can do, how are they to know who you really are if you won't let them see.

If that doesn't make sense, let me put it this way.

I've got a friend who is a sweet person, they are pretty much accepted by most people they come in contact with. Part of that reason is because they often show excitement in everything everyone says. Excitement in everything someone does.  In what someone wears, listens to. Eats. Cooks. Everything.

There is nothing wrong with the excitement in something new, but there is also a difference between accepting all things even if you're not interested just to fit in. Losing a little of who you are, to like everything else everyone else has.

As a friend who has seen the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the insecure, the secure, the positives, the negatives of this person, now all that is being presented to everyone else is the good, the happy, the secure, the positives, the best. That doesn't make a person to me. The perfection. The imperfection makes them human. Says that you value that person for all of who they are, as well as the things they are good at.

I just had to ramble a bit. I've been put in a position of feeling like an obligatory friend. A friend of convenience. Because the newness of who this person is for everyone else, is a fun little toy.


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