*Wit + Delight {Bloggers I Like}

i like visual aids, and i love journaling. this blog/tumblr combines the two things that i enjoy.
when i say i could look at something ALL DAY, this is one of those sites. tons of pictures and photographs that i really want to be able to try and do, or something that i can see as an idea of doing.
simplicity is key. i am learning that about myself. i value the importance of how simplicity pays off.
therefor a lot of the sites i post are things that inspire me as an artist. 
and hopefully give other people options to look at on the internet.
we can live in a bubble if we choose to. our own world of design and creativity can be a bubble.
*wit + delight has endless amounts of pictures from others and it's like a search in itself to try to find
where those images really came from. that's the best hunt to me.

to make matters better, they also have a blog + a pinterest. GET OUTTA TOWN!! right?
you will possibly drool over the blog. endless amounts of other sites to follow.
also check out these counterparts of *w+d:
you can explore the rest on your own. do enjoy these modern treasures of the world that i call the blogworld


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