Defeating Nocturnality {Day 1}

Time I woke up:  I woke up at 2pm in on Friday and stayed up til 7pm on Saturday

Time wanted to fall asleep: 7pm or 8pm on September 1st

Time I actually fell asleep: 9am-12pm then my sister kept me awake with a list of activities and officially fell asleep at 7pm

Activities included: baking scones at 3am, watching MTV Hills re-runs, yoga stretches, coming up with my nocturnal schedule/edits on the computer, looking at other blogs, making breakfast at 9:15am
TV Shows Watched: marathon show MTV Hills, VH1 Classic 80s videos
For how long?: 8 hours

Internet Activities: blogs and pinterest
For how long?: 8 hours

And there you have day 1.


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