Photo Musings {Friday}

pure Americana

                   i have had words with my sister more times than not about my personal style
                           the thing that most assuredly defines part of who i am. who we are
            i have always wanted to maintain the simple and classic style of the european culture
 everything that describes what europe is and can be, is easily found with a parisian woman’s drag on            a skinny cigarette.

                         the colors of the sky made into a reverent pallet on an italian’s scarf
                           the stirred dusty caramel concoction of a german man’s loafer’s

                              i can’t help but be constantly inspired by rustic beauty. rustic nature
                   and because of that, my head can not turn away from what america has offered me
                                                    dreams of paint splattered mountains

                                             moss covered grounds of forest playgrounds
                            oceans from coast to coast whispering grays and blues to invite you in
the rich hues of browns that make me wonder how God created so many shades of the once despised “gross” color
                i’m at peace when i see the ocean lapping against jagged rocks on the coast 
           i’m at peace with seeing log cabins still being constructed in the middle of nowhere
                     seeing vast lands that were once occupied by many respectful people

the native american culture will forever intrigue me and make me glad i have a percentage of it living in me
                                                       the roots of the original settlers
                                               the native animal howling to brotherhood

                                                                            i am moved
                                                                         pure Americana


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