Red Nails {Random Ramblings}

red nails

i used to hate nail polish! i mean hate it primarily because my dad didn’t want my mom putting nail polish on my sister or me when we were babies. he wanted us to be little girls and all that jazz. i appreciated that gesture of his, because now i can’t stand seeing the little girls on toddlers and tiara’s being exploited as mini adult dolls. it’s freaky really.
anyways, because i disliked nail polish and was a dedicated tomboy for a good portion of my preteens and part of high school, i knew i’d never be in any nail color aside from clear.
anytime i went to dances in high school, i’d end up peeling it off by the end of the night.
later in my 20s, i enjoyed my first mani-pedi and i wanted to steer clear of colour, but you spend the money and walk out with clear nails, you might as well do your own mani-pedi. 
so i went daring. i went bold… i got a nice neutral pale pink colour. haha. don’t laugh. i was branching out. i felt any colour would draw attention to me. and that i did not want.
i grew into my own style. i began getting in shape. losing weight. feeling comfortable about my femininity and twisting that tomboy style, with a tomgirl style and really coming into my own.
i was recently in a friends’ wedding back in june and had just gotten my hair done. i wanted to stand out only because the dresses she had us in made me look short of a sarcastic prepubescent flower girl. not to mention, i didn’t and don’t look like i’m the same age as the other bridesmaids who were maybe a couple of years older than me, or maybe a couple of years younger.
i bought the red. red polish. discounted at ulta. there was no turning back now. it was on my fingers and i felt like an era jumper. i had teleported to the 50s. i needed my hair up and a nice dress. i needed to be a mother of 3, cooking breakfast and tying my husbands’ tie. yes. the power of red.
i felt strong. i felt really, dare i say it? sexy. 
when i see the colour now, i don’t cringe, i look to see what other bold colours i can try out. i even wear a lip rouge. i know, this tomboy has come a long way. 
look out high school reunion.
cherish the way you are. who you are. sometimes it takes some getting used to, but always love the skin you’re in.


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