I'm Slightly Obsessed {Monday}

Check it!
I have been slightly obsessed with these Under Armour commercials. It inspires me to watch it and then possibly challenge myself to full on fitness attack.
One of these days I'll see it after I've finished pushing myself on a 5 mile run. Sure 5 miles may be a breeze for some people, but I'd like to get out there and then just run. Run as far as I bike. Breathing effortlessly. Running as if I'm running in the mountains of North Carolina. I dunno, just running. Not running away from anything, not running to anything, just running.

it often makes me wonder what sport i could pick up at the age of 27 and be moderately, if not great at. i would desperately love to be on a soccer league. i played a bit for fun in high school but never joined the team. much like volleyball, but never joined the team. only took score. 
always liked tennis... who really wants to be compared to two of the greatest black female tennis players and never come close? i don't. i also wouldn't want to try to defeat them.
wanted to run track, but the coach was a total oink. 
now i'm left wondering about all of those activities i was involved in that i thought i was mediocre in and play now with friends for fun and have learned i'm decently trainable.
the problem with my athleticism is i'm not a competitor. i don't like crazy people on crazy teams. i don't like winning with sore winners and i don't like losing with sore losers. i like to be with equals. 

don't get me wrong, i enjoy team sports a great deal. what i don't enjoy is how some people can claim to be great sports, but have lousy attitudes and let their competitive nature take over til they look demonic. i mean straight up cray and an exorcism need take place.

anywho, i am just ranting. but whenever i do pick up a sport, you all (whoever that is) will be the first to see the transformation.
currently biking is my love. i can bike forever and love my legs feeling like jello. and chugging back mounds of water. that is when my heart feels its healthiest. i'll be biking a lot when i get home in a couple of days. probably even to the beach.


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