Vestibule of Singledom

I will say that waiting isn't all bad. I've managed to learn who it is God is wanting me to be as a woman with character and a heart for other people. The waiting gets harder when everyone around you is getting called out of line to check out and meet their "one and only". It happens to everyone but sometimes we get the notion its only happening to us and we will not survive in a world of love without someone for us to love.
Announcement: WE WILL SURVIVE. Gloria Gaynor didn't sing those words for nothing! Its inevitable that we as humans can get through a lot of things with a strong can do attitude. He may not be fun at all to get to the point of finding your strength, but man is it o so rewarding when we realized we got through that heaping mess of tears and woe is me lines whined to our friends. I'm guilty of it. Probably in every stage of my life, I wanted to be there for someone in a non platonic way that required me giving of my self in an unselfish manner for as long as my heart could. I started learning I didn't need a boyfriend to be able to give of myself to people who needed it. What is it? Its a listening ear, a shoulder for others to cry on, a night out on the town, a nice meal with friends. Its anything that takes our minds off of OURSELVES, what we WANT, but don't need at that given moment.
Sorry to burst the bubble of selfishness, but when push comes to shove, we should be wanting to be there for others. Don't get me wrong, we need our time to stay nourished, be nourished, get fed, cry our eyes out, and figure out what we're doing next; but the less we worry about what needs aren't being met in our life, we notice the things that we do have already.
I leave you with this. When we doubt what God has promised us in our lives and we keep harping on how we don't have what everyone else has think of how big God is and stop putting him in your box. He exceeds that little box that doesn't comprehend or fathom what he's capable of.
Ecclesiastes 3:11; "He has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God HAS DONE from BEGINNING to END." He's not worried about your outcome cuz its already been created, why should you?
Something to chew on.

Next time: The baby boom among friends. I was going to talk about it on this one, but that'd be too much.


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