Sincerely, Kinsey // Bloggers I Like

I dunno about you guys, but I have this weird thing in my brain where I see blogs and photography, and my brain doesn't stop searching everything on the pages. 
I will literally keep on clicking link after link, and before I know it, I've reached the end of the road.
I have a feeling that has come upon me once again with the likes of Sincerely, Kinsey.

o1. the name is almost the cutest, invites you to keep looking
o2. i also have a thing for photography pages that have extra packages. you know the ones that have added blogs, diy crafts, homemade recipes... keeps you lookin' fuh daysss
o3. i was smitten by the first image i saw of engagement session by the colors alone
o4. i'm easily influenced by great photography that i just want to get behind my camera and shoot everything i see that peeks my interest
o5. when i see they have a pinterest/instagram account, you better believe i'm following

this couple mastered cuteness.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look. Go check out her diy page as well. Super cute stuff.


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