captivated Heart {Random Ramblings}

captivated Heart

it’s funny people’s definitions of love. 
when i think of love, i think of simplicity. it is one of the most universal things, yet has become one of the most intricate forms of expressions for people to mix up their head and heart.
they mix up their wants and needs of love.
they want people to complete them, but they need them to love them as well.
you’ve (cliche time) got to love yourself first. and even when you’re with someone, they aren’t going to complete you.
people want to see grand gestures of affections or gifts for them to see that someone loves them. that is a loose statement. i’m not assuming everyone to be this way.
little things. 
sitting at the edge of a dock, swinging your feet over the ocean. having your hair move around your face like a storm and his one small gesture of moving the hair off your face and behind your ear is how i see deep admiration and respect.
you have time to love people. stop rushing into everything.
anyways, that’s what i got from this image.
keep your heart protected, but open for love. 


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