You See Me, How He Sees Me

I like how you look at me
Your eager eyes are pleased by my words
Your vision intoxicated by sights
Your hands unconsciously preening
You look at me with enthusiasm, like a lesson learned
Searching for all the answers at once, but knowing time will only permit moments, perhaps seconds
The language of your body shuffles in fixation becoming calculated with every glance

The mind that's allowed you vast knowledge, is now stumped by uncomprehension and your heart takes the lead
All logic you possessed went to your heart, the hero and villain of love, the illogical thinker
Questioning yourself becomes a regular occurrence
A battle against false love begins
A shield protects the heart from premature waking
You suffer nothing but a battle wound of conflict against your heart, mind, and body

Your last solution which should have been your first.........
Seeking solitude and peace in your Father
He calms the seas, He soothes your soul
He's your true companion that knows you better than yourself, yet you managed to let yourinternal affairs dictate to you what needed to be done

Your hands have gone from preening to praying
Your brain from logical to spiritual
Your heart from lust to surrender
These things compiled, make you patiently await your appointed time

You see her how He see's her
Your enthusiasm is for how He created her
Your search is for Him
When you look up
She see's you how He see's you
Her enthusiasm is for how He created you
She see's you the way He created you
When she looks up
You see each other how He see's you


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