Joys of Being Joyful

There really is no rhyme or reason as to why you should be joyful when you aren't happy, except for maybe a few hundred verses in the Bible that say what joy should look like. Like for instance 2 Corinthians 7:4, I am acting with great boldness toward you; I have great pride in you; I am filled with comfort. In all our affliction, I am overflowing with joy.

I have greatly appreciated my life and have been thoroughly satisfied of the joy that has come from this period of growth. And I mean UNSPEAKABLE joy. After returning from Italy, I feel that was the step I needed to propel me where I needed to be in truly stepping out into faith. Going to a country by myself, having to deal with emotional struggles and relying solely on God and the people he brought into my life were major things that I had to learn how to deal with.
Coming back to Orlando I knew I couldn't just settle on normalcy and call it a day, I had to be more and do more with my life. This was an exceptional transformation happening and I couldn't even see all of it in its entirety. I couldn't even fully appreciate everything that was happening in front of me.
First I intended on reinventing my resume with the help and coaching of my good ol parents. My dad handed me a resume booklet, I read through it cover to cover and began revising my resume. I sat in a coffee shop for three weeks with a friend cheering me on. Asking if I needed help with anything, and I definitely felt that this resume was going to be worth it. I would have hired me!
I started putting that resume out, to about 8-10 places. Hearing back from only 2 places. 2 places I had wanted to hear back from. One of those places rejecting me almost a year ago to the date of this revised application. I felt good being able to say no to them. I didn't do it boastfully, but after getting accepted for an interview at IKEA, I decided I would not mess this opportunity up again like I felt I had 2 years earlier. I get my group interview with 7 other people and only 4 of us were chosen. It was a tough process, a lot like figuring if you're good enough to be on SYTYCD or AI. After realizing that God had his hands all over this, the joy started to bubble forth uncontrollably. Seeping into every area of my life. In how I spoke of others, others I didn't necessarily like, or how I handled every day tasks, I just felt good to be a child of the most high. My life equated to a greater purpose and in that moment I saw it.
God had mapped out my decision to decline IKEA 2 years ago for a senior year internship, and then realigned me with this company that has values and morals that line up with the ones that I've wanted in a company I worked for.
Ranting in my journal 2 years ago about where I would fit in career wise because I like TOO many things was a constant and growing frustration of mine to want to know where I fit in. Surely enough, all the things I'm passionate about are lined up in this job. The opportunities are there, right in my face, I just have to take the plunge and be apart of it. 
When people ask me what I'm happy about, I just tell them that God has directed my path and it has been a long season coming out of the cold winter. If he has been this spot on with my career, I can only imagine how the rest of it is going to go when I trust in him. I feel as if things shouldn't be this easy, but now I can see why things are a little easier than if I were to have done this all on my own. I would have botched it up for sure. Thank God for God. ;)


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