Rooting for the People

I don't know that I've even written much on interracial relationships except for the article I was writing for Relevant, but to give some perspective and insight on how I feel about other interracial teams, here it is.
I think it's funny when double standards are set against couples in IR. For some time, I've heard different types of opinions and negativity of black men dating or marrying white women from other black women. I've heard negativity from black men of black women dating white men. It's all absurd because these opinions are also coming from people who are in IR themselves. IT'S A B S U R D!!! I have to shut down the negativity at once.

To you respectable single or taken black men out there; Let it be! If you can choose to date who you want and expect people to not make a fuss about it, then you should do the same for the ladies you so endearingly refer to as your "sistuh"/"sisters". If you care at all about our hearts and how we feel and operate in society, let out love lives be our own. It should be no concern of yours unless there is a blatant epidemic of some sorts that we are unaware of as black women, then by all means. Go ahead... WARN US. But the matters of the heart are more than not, personal reflections of who we are as women, not BLACK women. There is no algorithm to it. It's just love and in the words of John Mayer, "you love who you love, who you love". If we date a white man, we do not have a slave mentality. Maybe start assuming that this man is taking care of us. Like you presumably would. You need to let that mess go and carry on with your own life! Stop with the dirty looks and intimidation nonsense, you look ridiculous, you should sue.

To my respectable single or taken black women out there; Let it be! You sound foolish and practically like the stereotypical and made up character of "Angry Black Woman". You know who she is, she comes out like a groundhog predicting how long a relationship will last. Assuming a man of her color will be better off with his own kind. Who are you kidding? All of this behavior seem to be portraying of being better than another human makes you less appealing. So you are in fact becoming your own detriment to why your endearingly named "brothuh" is not paying you the time of day. Let's have a little more respect for one another in the decisions that they choose to make, not the ones that we'd like to make for them. That goes for life in general, not just race related junk. If they date white women, they are not saying you're inferior. So what if athletes tend to date or marry out of their race, maybe their social norm was being around a predominant race. You need to let that mess go and carry on with your own life! Stop with the eye rolling and the smack talking like you can be better than she is, you aren't disproving everything you want him to think of you.

To you respectable single or taken white men out there; Let it be! "Your women" aren't out getting seduced by some black man out there being trapped against her own will. No! It's her decision. She found something about the gentleman that she liked, his color just happens to be one of the first/last things that she decided to acknowledge and then let go. It is no longer your concern. You should care however if she's being taken care of, and if she isn't, then don't go assuming every black man in the world is the same type of disrespectful punk. Because if someone of your race was disrespecting her, you'd want her to find another decent guy who looked just like her. Give others a chance. It's not a candy store that only has one type of candy. Many options, and the world has endless sweeties. (Said in White Witch voice from Narnia)

To my respectable single or taken white women out there; Let it be! Cut us some slack if you disapprove of our love choices. You do realize that even after women got the opportunity to vote, black women were still behind the "superiority" of men and also white women... Just something to pointer on. Not saying that all of us hold those things in our line of site when we are actively getting pursued by a white man, but to many little games get played on too many occasions. Let that mess go. You can't win and have every man, so choose one and stick with it, let other people enjoy the love that has graced their lives. A white man finding love with a black woman does not mean he has a fetish, just maybe, maybe he finds that there is something unique about her that he wants to continue in a real relationship with. You need to do you, and leave others lives to them.

I have no qualms when I come across people who have issues with me liking who I want to like. If they are open enough to ask me, the least I could do is give them my response. The most I can do is respect their decision to politely disagree or say that it isn't for them. And it's not going to be for everyone and I don't ever expect it to. That's what makes us all different and unique. If I'm honest I would find it absolutely beautiful if we got to the point in our lifetimes where everyone was mixed race, but I do think that every race out there is beautiful as they are too. I just want hate to diminish more than anything. And that is my truest pageant answer to life.


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