Got Pursued. Nothing Happened

Oh boy. That should have been the title of this little segment. This single girl met a boy. A boy that slipped her his number. A boy that is highly persistent, and a boy that might be thinking there is more there than there really is.

I met a guy on Monday while I was pumping gas. He was in the process of talking to me about my headlights (cars headlights ya'll!) and how to prevent it from being foggy as well as using something to wax and polish my car. Wouldn't you know that I purchased what he was selling as he was willing to sell the item to me for $30 less than what it cost. I could tell he was flirting, he kept pointing out that his number was on top of my receipt. In my mind, I had no intention of feeding into his smooth lines, but I had been complaining for months on end about how annoyed I get with guys not stepping up and being the pursuer. Well guess God heard me. Sent one, complete with a phone number, twinkling green eyes, and dark brown hair. How could I deny him and break his heart?

For starters I could have just said I wouldn't text him. Unfortunately I did the very thing that I normally wouldn't do. I grew nerves of steel and texted this guy several hours later when I was out shopping with my cousin. He then asked if I was buying something nice to wear for our date.

....Pause..... He went there.

Then he blatantly asked me, "Ashante, would you like to go on a date with me?"

Buhhh uhhhh, wuhhhh, huhhh?

Yea, just met him. I didn't feel comfortable going on a date with him. Especially not after the way he was being persistent. It was more of a turn off because he kept insisting that he could be "my one".

Don't worry, no date was happening. I had started to learn a little about him as the weeks passed and was not interested in him. He was an interesting fellow. Really persistent... and for whatever reason was not comprehending where I stood in my morals. I invited him to church to meet friends in a large group setting and if that didn't interest him, I could kind of gather what he really wanted, and that was one too many one-on-one times with me that I was not wanting.

The thing I learned in it is that not every guy who flirts and shows interest is the person for you. Obviously. But I also learned that I can't be that girl that only accepts the compliments out of desperation for male attention. I didn't want to be that girl in general, and I didn't want to be that girl to him. He deserved me to be better to him in that. So eventually as our text messages dissipated and he stopped assuming we could work something out, I just erased the memory like nothing happened. I called him by a fictitious name, and I honestly can't remember his actual name anymore. Which for me that's good because it allows me to detach from what seemed like a very short, emotionally desperate moment in my life.

This also wasn't recent, it was like 2 years ago... So clearly the well has been tapped dry since then.


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