Blast from the Past//Planning Things in Your Head...

i can plan and plan and plan, but if i’m not putting it to action, what good is planning?
it’s just another way of having a checklist that isn’t getting any attention so things build up and never get completed.
i had planned to have a steady job right now, not relying on my parents for funding. hasn’t happened.
i had hoped to be dating or married by now, maybe with kids, and a sweet husband. none of it has happened.
i planned to be living on my own. that’s not the case. Slow process and getting there.
i planned on being more independent. it never feels like that. Slow process and getting there.
i planned on traveling to different countries next year, but need a job now. in time.
i had to sit back and pray about this. praying is still in progress, i am getting out of my frustrated, why me, stupid attitude. 
i’ve got to change those moments for myself. if a door shuts, it makes the opportunity for me to go to an open door that maybe i wouldn’t have noticed before.
the pathway to success/dreams is never a straight one. sometimes it will be a little winding before you can even see what it is you’re grasping for.
my success isn’t valued in loads of money for myself, but being able to financially bless people.
my idea of a job is a career that i can transition in well and move in progress and growth in the company.
my idea of a relationship or marriage isn’t perfection, but one that takes work and one that he can share his life with me and vice versa and have that support system.
my idea of traveling is just my love for it. if there is one thing i’m hungry for, its to travel and see the world.
don’t worry whether your plans are working out, just press on and go with the flow. push yourself hard to never be complacent or mediocre. challenge yourself daily and appreciate the challenges you have right now. as kelly clarkson and 50 million other people say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


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